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A scented candle Mountain Lodge of the Yankee Candle

Updated on March 31, 2016

Hello, everyone!)) I don’t know whether a lack of positive emotions also bothers you, but it is highly actual for me. I also don’t know a reason of my bad mood. It could be spring avitaminosis or something else. The only one thing I know that I got so easily irritated and became highly impatient. What should I do in this situation? If it is also about you, if you don’t want to spread your negative emotions on other people, you will start looking for a way to solve this problem. That is a quest on a source of positive emotions! Would you like to discover what I have found?)

It doesn’t take me much time to improve my mood, I usually light a favorite scented candle and turn on music. I made up a track list of really cute songs and started examining my collection of home fragrances. To my big surprise, I didn’t find a savor which could dispel my sadness. Sweet and strong ones just irritated me, light and gentle aromas were boring, while citrus ones made me dream of oranges. So everything was wrong! They say that shopping is a perfect way to get rid of blues and negative emotions. A new scented candle is my way of improving mood.

There was no need to go somewhere; I found my cure in the Internet. After a moment of consideration, I ordered a candle from a new collection of the Yankee Candle. Guess what? It was’t a mistake! As soon as I got my parcel and unpacked it, I opened a candle and made a deep breath in. A big smile appeared on my face and I felt pleasant shivering. I found it! That was an ideal fragrance!) It was a scented candle Mountain Lodge of the Yankee Candle. What was the fragrance which helped me to regain a feeling of harmony? First of all, it is quite strong (that is the common feature of all products of the Yankee Candle). Cedar and salvia are the most leading notes. When I lighted a candle, a picture of me, sitting in the wood and staring at the fire appeared in front of my eyes. Then I saw my boyfriend who covered me with a warm plaid and hugged me. We were holding our hands watching at the fire and nothing else mattered for us in this world. I can hardly describe a soothing effect of the Mountain Lodge. Warm salvia and cedar fragrances made me forget about all troubles and relax.

This fragrance was released in a limited edition, but I am sure that it won’t take you much time to find it in the Internet. I would also recommend you grab your loved one and go somewhere at least for a weekend in order to spend some time together and enjoy soothing beauty of nature. Don’t forget to take the scented candle Mountain Lodge with you! What could be better than cozy and romantic atmosphere of a forest cabin filled with gorgeous woody fragrances? If it is absolutely impossible right now, you can make a cup of hot coffee, tea or cacao, light a candle and just immerse in the world of dreams and fantasies enjoying relaxing warmth of the candle and tasty taste of a drink.


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