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A scented candle Riviera Escape of the Yankee Candle

Updated on May 4, 2016
Riviera Escape of the Yankee Candle
Riviera Escape of the Yankee Candle

Hello! I want you to tell about a really cute scented candle of the Yankee Candle which is definitely one of my favorites. Last days are filled with sweet anticipation of approaching summer and its fascinating adventures. There is nothing more pleasant than a day off on a sandy beach near a sea or an ocean. Oh how I wish to escape from these boring classes to such a wonderful place! Unfortunately it is impossible right now but there is always a way out!

My friend told me that the Yankee Candle has released a gorgeous collection of summer scented candles which consists of four different fragrances. I can’t even imagine how I missed it! Me, a person who is crazy about home fragrances! Luckily, I have friends who are always ready to help.)) I read many observations on these candles and finally ordered one. I chose a candle which could match my mood. That is Riviera Escape.

I got my order and can definitely say that I am not disappointed. Clear blue sky, a sea breeze, summer heat and sweet flowery scents are my associations with this candle. I like lightning it at daytime, sitting in my favorite chair and imagining myself somewhere on a beach. I like imagining that a wind plays with my hair and wraps me in a feeling of absolute comfort and carelessness.

Riviera Escape (as any other fragrance of the Yankee Candle) is very rich and strong. This one will easily take you wherever you want.

In any case, the scented candle Riviera Escape of the Yankee Candle can be wonderful addition to a usual evening. I would be happy to find out which fragrances help you to distract from everyday routine and regain a feeling of harmony and peacefulness.


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