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Updated on May 14, 2014
Start a Pendant Collection Today
Start a Pendant Collection Today

Quartz crystals for you.

I was never born with a silver spoon. I love jewelry but I always felt reluctant to buy what I could afford because a voice inside me kept telling me this must be junk to be selling at such a low price.

Sometimes looking at beautiful jewelry in the shop window is as good as it gets for many of us.

Now I have found a way to afford real jewelry. Real treasure that is fun to collect.Created by the earth over millions of years and holding the very DNA of evolution.Beautiful Pendents that bring more than just lustre and beauty.They have health benefits too. Best of all you know they are not fake.

How To Start With your Collection

First you buy a couple of quality sterling silver chains I A couple of good chains will do.

If you wish to learn all about your gems and their health benefits a good crystal book is great to have.

Then you may like a nice Jewelry box to keep those special Pendants in. Once you have that sorted your collection begins.


Now there is a colour to match any out fit or preference. Gems are beautiful and after being tumbled the brilliance of colours become even more striking .Some gems even look translucent and reflect light in a rainbow of colours. Best of all they are fun to collect. and you know they are real and pure from the earth. Just pick a pendant that looks good with what you are wearing each day.

Are There Health Benefits?

I first chose Quartz crystals because I loved them. I was not into the healing side of them. However I have noticed certain differences while wearing them. Not sure if this could be an over active imagination however.One thing for sure these gems are very precious gifts from the earth. Lovely to wear. People often comment on them.

Starting with a book is a good idea

The book below was given to me for a birthday gift.I had already collected some pendants and so the first thing I did was look up each pendant I had at the time to see just what the health benefits were.

Having a good book is also the best way of deciding on your next pendant will be.

The book below is the same book that I have and it is a very good resource with lots of good photos and extensive information on each gem.

This is the book I have.

Chains and a special place to keep your collection of pendants

I do find Sterling silver chains best as a lot of the pendants come with silver fixtures. If you prefer wearing gold you could just get a nice gold chain the pendants will still look good.

A good chain lasts a long time and you just change the pendant each day.

I was lucky and I had a nice trinket box given to me as a gift. You do need somewhere to keep your collection together.

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye
Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye one of my favourites.

 I have a brown- yellow Tigers eye pendant as seen in photo.(not the best photography I'm afraid)Tigers eye also comes in pink, blue and red.The brown-yellow has blends of colour fused together in lines.It is found in US,Mexico, India,Australia and South Africa.

The Tigers eye is said to the energies of the Earth and sun together.It is said to aid in night vision(I wonder if that has something to do with being called Tigers eye.?)It helps in repairing broken bones.and can heal the throat amongst other things.Oh yes it can enhance psychic abilities in earthy  people.

To me I love it because I often wear, black brown and white or cream and it looks great with these colours I get a ton of comments when I wear it.

Blue Lace agate

Blue Lace Agate

When I was holidaying in South Australia my sister purchased a blue lace agate pendant as a gift.I treasure it always an wear it to family get together so I feel like my sister is here with us.She also bought me an opal on her last trip over to New Zealand so I have two treasure's that I wear to special events.

The Blue Lace Agate is beautiful and goes very well with any outfit with blue or white, cream or even black.

It is said to be a healing stone.bringing calming thoughts and peace of mind.

Start your collection

Gems and Their Health Benefits

You will be surprised how many different gem crystals there are and that is just another reason why a book is a good starting base.I will list a few of the popular ones here with a brief health benefit summary of each one.

AMETHYST-Purple/lavender in colour.Said to cleansing powers.Beneficial to the mind with calming effect.

CARNELIAN- Red orange, pink, brown-Said to have a grounding effect.Restores vitality and will help keep you motivated.can stimulate the metabolism.

FLUORITE-Clear,blue,green,purple,yellow,brown.Highly protective,Has a huge list of listed health benefits Each colour of fluorite has different additional benefits.

GARNET-Red,green,yellow, brown black and pink.Energizing and regenerating.Good for the heart and lungs.

HOWLITE-White, blue and green.Calming stone.Can help relieve insomnia and balance calcium levels.

JADE-Green ,orange,red,white,light purple.Soothes the mind,stabilizing.Helps cleanse of toxins Good for kidney.

JET-Black.Draws out negative energy.Helps relieve migraines

SNOW QUARTZ- White.Helps while learning new things.

ROSE QUARTZ-Pink. This is the stone everyone wants for love and peace.The crystal of the heart.

The above is just a very small few of the many you can add to your collection.They all have an extensive write up of other benefits.But there is a colour there for everyday and any outfit.

The beauty of you own collection is choosing the ones you want and then going out and finding them. There are some great crystal shops around and even the auction sites are good for finding them.

Crystal shops and museums.

If you are lucky you will have a good crystal shop close by.I recently went to a great crystal place that had a shop with every crystal you could imagine and in every shape and form.They also had huge crystals as they were found in the earth.A great place for all the family to visit.

I have included a link here that will show you the different crystals.Click here

Summary over all.

Collecting Crystals is enjoyable and gives you a chance to have your own special jewelry.

Your can pick up pendant from shops, fares, markets and a good place to look is online auctions .You don't have to spend a fortune and you will find you will get lots of nice comments while wearing them.


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