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All That Glitters Is Vintage

Updated on June 13, 2014
Matching floral tray and bin
Matching floral tray and bin | Source
My life is sought of a day dream
My life is sought of a day dream | Source
Wonder Wall
Wonder Wall | Source
Frames | Source
Bunches of grapes in crate
Bunches of grapes in crate | Source
Vintage Croatian Embroidery
Vintage Croatian Embroidery | Source

Vintage Appeal in the Modern Times

Dusty Rose Vintage, My Vintage Vogue, Some Like It Vintage, The Vintage Nest, Vintage Goodness are names of few blogs that caught my attention while surfing the Internet. Vintage is everywhere for sure. I am also among those who passionately like all things vintage.

The notion that old is the thing of the past is entirely wrong. It is trendy and chic. The eternal admiration for our grandmother’s attic shows the immense love for vintage items. Our grand parents looked gorgeous in their black and white photos. The exquisite jewelry and dreamy hairstyles of the women were elegant. The furniture, crockery and decoration pieces were exceptional.

The captivating vintage appeal may have sidelined the mainstream design industry to some extend. But changing scenario has signaled it to the Design Gurus to bring vintage appeal to their modern designs. So the new hit formula is contemporary goes side by side along with retro.

Vintage- The new buzzword

The word vintage might not be on the buzzword’s list but it is definitely on the preference personal list of many of us. It is eye catching to an extent that its mere glimpse will make you stop to find out more. It now appears more than often in fashion magazines like Georgette, Pretty Nostalgic, Creating Vintage Charm etc.

The website At Home by Sania Bell is a remarkable spot. Her creativity makes her work delightful. She has a magnificent range of collectibles. She plays with old and new stuff for interior décor.

The social networking websites Pinterest, Tumblr, Word Press, BlogSpot and Face Book are crowded with people from all over the world who are obsessed with the vintage items. They can easily connect with the like minded people any where in the world. I also hunt for vintage items on the Internet. I have made quite a lot of acquaintances with whom I share the love for common things.

Vintage- Formal Definition

According to Merriam Webster vintage is defined in different ways. First as a noun it means “the grapes or wine produced during one season” and “a period in which something was made or begun”. The second meaning is “a season's yield of grapes or wine from a vineyard, a usually superior wine all or most of which comes from a single year”. The third meaning is a period of origin or manufacture and a length of existence.

As an adjective vintage is used to describe a wine usually of high quality that was produced in a particular year which is identified on the bottle. It is also used to describe something that is not new but that is valued because of its good condition, attractive design, etc. The third use is to describe something that has the best qualities or characteristics of the things made or done by a particular person, organization, etc.

Vintage, Retro and Contemporay

The diverse definition of the word vintage was enlightening for me. The meanings were less close to my actual comprehension of the word in the first place. It is commonly used with items like cars, furniture, picture frames, photos, musical instruments, toys, accessories, clothing and jewelry, beads, letters, posters, greeting cards and post cards etc.

It is an interesting point to muse that how an item is tagged as vintage, retro, antique and contemporary ultimately increasing its worth. The classification of items is done on the basis of age and history. Things that are 100 years old are called antiques. Vintage items must be more than 20 years of age. Cars older than 25 years are very popular. Clothing lines dated from the 1920s to the 1960s is vintage treasure. Retro is a synonym for vintage which means reinventing old fashion.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry | Source

Vintage and Fashion

The question here arises that how come this word landed in the world of fashion and design. It has taken the whole industry by storm. The use of vintage may imply old but of superior quality. Also it refers to the style of old eras which is being in the present time.

If you visit jewelry shops and furniture shops you will see that old designs are being reinvented. Every designer will tell that they are in high demand. The beauticians are learning to make retro looks.

Brands like Chanel and Dolce and Gabbana have experimented with the vintage appeal. Many celebrities also like the vintage fashion like Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts Kirsten Dunst, Katy Perry, Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman to name a few.

1950's Dress
1950's Dress | Source
Decor | Source

Popularity of Vintage

I am thoroughly amused what makes vintage so popular. The whole world is swept with the strong retro wave. It is a fact that vintage love is more of an individual affection which has now turned into a mass appeal. It won’t wither with time. It will be there no matter what the general inclination is. There are numerous reasons for its fame.

Firstly the people of this century have many options available when it comes to fashion - starting from contemporary designs to retro chic. Some prefer up to date fashion but there is a huge population who is in love with the old fashioned ways of life. They have the liberty to pick any style.

Secondly the olden golden times holds curiosity for people. It is one of the characteristics of humans to be inquisitive about the times they haven’t lived in. There are two ways to experience the joy of those eras. One is the study of that time period and the other is by acquiring and using furniture, clothes and books of those times. In this way they are actually making themselves part of that particular time period.

Thirdly there are people who are passionate about collecting collectables. That is why country fairs are gaining much popularity. One finds interesting buyers and sellers with unique taste.

Lastly in these times of recession people prefer economic friendly stuff. Vintage items provide less expensive yet exquisite pieces. They can rummage thrift store, country fairs and second hand shops to find pieces that match their style.

Fashion | Source

Sweet Obsession

Although vintage designs may date backwards in history but its charms are flying in present and has secured a bright future as well.

This rise in high tide retro culture has enabled entrepreneurs set up successful business. Designers do look back in time for inspiration for their designs. Their collection has that vintage look that the buyers are looking for.

The vintage appeal may have thought to overshadow the high fashion but it has definitely changed the priorities of people. Many people view it as a bandwagon effect but I prefer to call it sweet obsession.


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