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Updated on March 3, 2013

beauty so divine

This is me!Africa is where I am from,but this is me...a soul in flesh,THIS IS ME,AN AFRICAN WOMAN.WAIT.A PROUD AFRICAN WOMAN.
This is me!Africa is where I am from,but this is me...a soul in flesh,THIS IS ME,AN AFRICAN WOMAN.WAIT.A PROUD AFRICAN WOMAN.

"African women in general need to know that it's OK for them to be the way they are - to see the way they are as a strength, and to be liberated from fear and from silence."
Wangari Maathai

There is a song that says..."an african woman is a beautiful woman, a quality woman not just a quantity woman."

This woman cooks not for one or two but for many, she cleans, she bears children, she is a member in the women's committee in church, she is a friend and a wife, she may be a co-wife or even a widow. An african woman is a woman who has on so many occasions been abused, looked down upon and even judged. Her skin, her beautiful chocolate skin has been a source of ridicule and hate yet it is so supple and flawless.

I believe that everyone is beautiful in a special way. The mindset of looking down on people is something that has been practised over and over yet the beauty of life is that we are all different. It comes down to character. Today in the 21st century, society has defined beauty in such a "hollywood" way. People are going into depression because they are searching for beauty.Eating disorders and self esteem problems are becoming an alarming epidemic! Adverisement is selling this "beauty ideal" that everyone is struggling to achieve.No, I won't crucify myself to the pressures of life. No, I won't listen when someone tells me that I am too pretty to be dark skin. No, I won't pay attention to Ignorance. No, I won't share in the hate that is going aroung the world because the society is trying to corrupt the minds of individuals. No, I wont denounce my African-ness.It is who I am.

I am proud to be African. I embrace my blessings and it is all i have ever known and that is why I am proud to be an African woman.Curves and all.

No doubt that life played afew tricks on me.First am African, second and dark,third am curvy and fourth am a woman-in every essence I have dealt with adversity but I am learning to take it as a God given purpose on earth. Without my experiences I would have never cultivated compassion.Without my experience, I would have never known why it is so important for me to be an African woman-to be a voice for the voiceless.

I am an African woman. A proud African woman.

Remember: Among us there is diversity and that only shows the beauty of Gods creation. If someone judges you, do not take it personally, take it as an opportunity to enlighten them and free them from ignorance.

I am an African woman.THE African woman.Marinate on it.


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    • afrykanqwin profile image

      afrykanqwin 6 years ago from knoxville,tn

      Thank you guys!

    • harajuku514 profile image

      harajuku514 6 years ago from Georgia

      This was really nice!!!

    • Melanie Trausch profile image

      Melanie Trausch 6 years ago

      This is a beautiful hub. To embrace and pronounce your beauty is simply divine!