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Updated on October 13, 2009

It is estimated by some experts (aka: one of the guys who reads these articles, which is about as scientific as I'm probably going to get on this issue) that up to 10% of all men experiment with wearing women's lingerie at some point in their lives. That potentially means out of the 30 guys at your office, 3 of them are likely to have worn or be wearing lingerie. Curious, no? It would appear that we are surrounded by men who wear lingerie, walking secretly among us, their pantylines hidden by suits and jeans, their lacy secrets tucked away. The man who wears lingerie is like a chameleon among us, seeming to be yet another conforming drone, but secretly harboring dangerous lingerie secrets.

All this of course, begs the question Who is this mysterious creature that walks among you? What does he look like? How can you detect him?

To answer these desperate questions, I have prepared this profile of a man who wears lingerie:


The man who wears lingerie is simply a man like other men. He has a wife, children, a career. He is well educated, holding a degree in something or other. He is respected in his field and wields a degree of power in his job. Most people who know him would never suspect that he dreams lacy dreams. His lingerie wearing may be shared with his wife, or it may be hidden. If he has found someone to share his lingerie life with, he is likely to be affectionate and content in his relationship. If not, he is likely to be withdrawn, leading an emotional double life. He may love his partner very much, but keeping his secret from her results in a subtle yet definite disconnect.

Why does he do it?

This question can be answered in many ways. Often it is a seemingly innocent experience as a child which connects him to the sensuality of lingerie as an adult. Feeling feminine gives him respite from the rigors of the masculine role, allowing him to shed the armor he wears in his every day life and for a few hours be soft and delicate. Men who wear lingerie tend to be intelligent powerful males who seek to express more than one side of their personality. No human is one dimensional. Men who wear lingerie are simply choosing a visual and tactile expression of their inner selves.

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    • Gr8legs profile image

      Gr8legs 7 years ago

      Once again, Hope, you're right on the money. Just one thing, I don't consider it "crossdressing" any more, just a lifestyle choice that expresses my strong tactile-sensual aesthetic and the fact that I am comfortable enough in my masculinity that I don't feel the need to have to shout it to the world in EVERYTHING I say and do. Are women crossdressing when they wear their husband's/boyfriend's boxers or briefs? They don't think so.

      I like my lingerie and so does my girlfriend.

    • profile image

      tyson 7 years ago

      I have been wearing women's lingerie for 14 years now. I started wearing just panties, later on I tried wearing bra and it fells so comfortable. To these days I buy my own bra and panties. For sometimes, I sleep wearing just lingerie and sneak out of the house with my panties under my jeans. For many times i tried to stop wearing them but to these days I am still wearing these comfortable stuff.

    • profile image

      Tom 8 years ago

      Great Post Hope !

      I would bet that the number of men who experiment with or wear lingerie would be much higher if the truth were told. If you asked 100 men on the street if they wore lingerie how many of them do you think would tell the truth ?

      I kept my secret to myself for almost fourty years , when I decided to accept my cross dressing as part of who I am and not something that is bad I feel much better about myself and if someone asked me if I wear lingerie I would proudly say yes I do.

    • profile image

      Loves Panties 8 years ago

      You did hit it right on the head. I love wearing womens undies all kinds. I am50yo and have it all.I have been doing this since I was about 10 yrs old. I am married and until recently I kept this a secret from my wife. I now show her more hide less it is great. I now sleep (sometimes) with bra,garter,panties and it feels goooood. I do love wearing this stuff under my Man clothes Secretly of course. I will always do this

    • profile image

      myselfinpanties 8 years ago

      I've been wearing panties for 6 years now constantly. In a male dominated world(work) and other places its nice to know that i can really be who I want to Be no matter what. Panties are just way more comfortable and fit great! A girlfirend of minethought i was gay cause of what i wear. My wife totally understands and digs it. What sense does it make to live your life in clothes that dont fit well and or don't feel good either.

    • profile image

      GBKnicks 8 years ago

      Wow hope this article is bang on. You really know us lingerie boys too well

    • profile image

      John 8 years ago

      100% for Shelley! I tried on my first pair at around 4-5yo. I still remember them - nylon tricot (of course), pink, rumba style, with chiffon ruffles covering the back. They sure felt good. Feeling guilty, I have tried "Mens" underwear made from "Womens" materials: it's amazing how something so nice can be so screwed up by Guys trying to make a soft & Feminine material fit a masculine body!

    • profile image

      Shelley 8 years ago

      Unfortunately our society has defined male or female by the genitals that a person possesses. But the fact is that no man is hundred percent male and no woman is hundred percent female at any given time. It is actually all in the head and depends on the psychological condition and circumstances of the person at that time. So basically a person stays in a fluid state of a combination of maleness and femaleness at any time - some percent male and some percent female. This percentage keeps changing with time and circumstances. The dominant emotion at a particular time determines the act of the person at that time. If a 'genital man' is more than fifty percent woman in his mind at any time then he would tend to wear lingerie to get the real feel of a woman. In the other case if a 'genital woman' has more than fifty percent maleness in her mind at some time, she would be more tomboyish and wear men's clothes. But fortunately for her this society has accepted a female wearing men's clothes whereas it doesn't accept a man wearing ladies clothes or lingerie.

      I have been wearing women's lingerie since I was 13 and know that most of the time I am more than fifty percent woman inside my head although I am a healthy active male as defined by genitalia. I wish this society would accept men wearing lingerie so that people like me could openly wear these lovely soft and comfortable things without the fear of being shunned. Let me state that the so-called macho men's underwear designed by men for men are the most uncomfortable items being marketed today. Wear a pair of panties once... and you will never let go.

    • tdepp profile image

      tdepp 9 years ago from South Dakota

      Tighty whities for this guy!

    • pantiesbob profile image

      pantiesbob 9 years ago

      Hope, you hit the nail on the head!!

      I'm open with my wife and yea, feelinf feminie is a welcome comfort.

    • profile image

      Just Me 9 years ago

      I would have to say, you are right on the button......

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 9 years ago

      Hells yeah! Finally I have grasped the nature of Satan himself. Things can only get better from here on out... ;)

    • profile image

      SatinSatan 9 years ago

      My wife says you have got me dead to rights Hope. - Very astute observations.

      Well done

      SatinSatan XX