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A'PIEU silky hair wrapping mask

Updated on May 24, 2016

I tried this hair mask out yesterday as i received it not long ago and thought i should share my experience with all of you. The packaging came as shown with two sections; Step 1: hair treatment, and step 2: hair cap.

Since i have curly hair, it tends to get dry on the ends very easily and due to the hot weather i have quite a few split ends and my hair is a bit damaged but i love using hair masks at least once every fortnight to help nourish it.

A'PIEU silky hair wrapping mask has all natural ingredients including: Argan oil, Royal jelly extract, Sunflower seed oil, Silk protein/ Keratin, and Berry extract.

The purpose of this hair mask is to help rejuvenate damaged hair. To create smooth and moisturised hair.


I dispersed the treatment into my hand. I really hate anything that leaves my hands feeling sticky or oily, but it didn't have that feeling at all, instead it was a creamy and dewy texture. I covered all of my hair with the treatment before putting my hair and placing the cap provided over my hair. It's best to do something while waiting so your not dying of boredom. I watched an episode of my little pony :)

Using luke warm water, i washed it out and blow dryer my hair. Usually after blow drying, my hair gets super knotty but after using the mask it was super simple to comb through, hardly any knots. (Note that i forgot to brush my hair before using the mask.) After blowdrying i saw the results. My hair was noticeably shinier. It both looked and felt much silkier and softer. I added two pumps of mise en scene, perfect repair, hair oil to add an extra shine and to make it last longer as most of us girls know, once we wash our hair again the silk effects are gone.

Mise en scene hair oil



I'm very satisfied with the effects of this product and i definitely recommend others to try it out. If any of you have also tested this product, i would love to know if it worked for you too and whether or not you liked it.

Thanks for reading, this is Strawberry signing off :)


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