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African Hair And Animal Print fabric

Updated on March 12, 2015

Men Shoes,loafers,sandals

Thinking of buying some good shoes for your man don’t look further the best pair of shoes are comfortable shoes they must come in the right size of the person, should have soft inner padding and well constructed soles. There are many types you can choose from depending on the occasion, the wearer’s preference and taste

Penny loafers

Penny loafers are very comfortable footwear they are versatile in range and can be worn on so many occasions.They can be worn to the office if such apparel is allowed, family gatherings and many more. They are a cross between formal and casual wear some of the outfits that best goes with loafers are denim jeans, khaki shorts or trousers, simple suits and native attire.


Sandals are predominantly leisure wear, they are not durable and exposes your feet to dust particles, despite all the disadvantages of this foot wear, the best advantage is freedom of movement easy to clean and total comfort. Sandals come in various shapes and sizes from the open tip, covered strapped or strapless. They all do the same work despite the different designs. The most appropriate attire to wear with sandals is local fabrics, denim, shorts and casual trousers.

Patent leather

Patent leather is classy, sophisticated and fun; the shoe was built for formal occasions, office wear, galas and top functions. Maintenance consists of using the right brush, polish and avoiding water contact, rain or mud. Although it is resistant to the elements to some degree it is advisable to keep dry.


The shoes usually come in black, burgundy and brown, there are other variations but not as popular as the three mentioned. To wear oxfords try to use alternate colors which stand them out easily, using identical colors could work but other neutral colors also look nice. Inter match the burgundy with black and so forth.


Moccasins have been with us for a very long time they are usually flat soled shoes that are very comfortable to wear and come in a wide variety, women and men have their own typeof moccasins which is very identical to that of the male. Moccasins are fashionable but work well as casual shoes.

Workman boot

The boots are rugged durable and long lasting; they can also be elegant fun and practical at the same time. It takes a lot to destroy them except the more modern once made from other syntactic materials. Some other types of shoes are shoe used by sports men and women, boat shoes, wingtips and many others. Buying shoes can be fun and relaxing.

Image of beautiful woman

Image of beautiful woman
Image of beautiful woman | Source

African Hair

A case for ethnic hair

Hair strength

The African hair which is also called the Afro-textured hair refers to a hair type that is indigenous to black people in the African continent, the hair is supposed to have an average density of 190 hair strands per square centimeter, it appears to have a flat cross section and a dry matte appearance. The hair is coarse to the touch springy and prone to cutting, breakages and resistance when straightened or combed.

It is usually thick with small sparing curls that gives it is abundant look despite its natural shortness and lack of buoyancy. African textured hair is not strong but brittle and highly prone to breakages, despite its thick tough look, the hair is very fragile and should be handled with more care than saloons generally do. The hair is put through such dangerous hair care routines that most African women before the age of 35 start losing stands of this natural insulator.

Most African hair types are prone to breakage when vigorously combed stretched or brushed and have spring like shape that looks denser than Caucasian hair types. The hair does not respond to sweat, moisture or dampness and the chemical composition of the hair contains loads of keratin and fat (lipids) which can be found at the hair baseline. To maintain African hair through simple grooming like gentile combing, gentle brushing can bring out the best in the hair, coca nut oil is also good for the hair.

Hair versatility

Afro textured hair is surprisingly very versatile despite the strong dry sparingly look, there are so many unique hair styles that brings out the natural beauty while giving the wearer an individuality that stands her out. Many techniques have been discovered some refined while others date far back to their ethnic roots. Some tribes have distinct hair like one Kenyan tribe that applies earthen soil in a mixture to make the hair appear brown; it provides a turgidity and distinct appearance form other ethnic groups in the area.

Modern hair styles for the afro textured hair is more diverse exiting and beautiful like the well known afro, which became a symbol of resistance and black identity in African American culture way back. The hair style lent an identity which is still relevant today, some more rather interesting hair styles are the cornrows hair style, the braids, two strand twists, flat twists, crop hair and locks.


Cornrows are braided hair that have their origin form past tradition style of hair weaving, the hair is twisted close to the scarp in hard braids in a continuous up down motion that form straight rows of tightly woven hair. The hair style is unisex and when properly done looks very sexy relating a free spirited individual or someone with creativity. To maintain it requires repeated oiling of the scalp and should avoid water, the style can be worn for several weeks without losing its shape and texture.


Braids are made by using an underhand and upwards motion of two or three strands, the strands are twisted in to shape using different materials depending on the persons choice, some of the materials used are natural hair pieces, fiber, wire nylon compounds. Braids normally assume long overlapping mass of hair subject to the preferred length of the individual it can be neck long, shoulder long or mermaid long. The braids can be very complicated like hollow or broad or simple plaits of three, two or four strand structure. They come in different color types like black, grown, red, green or blond. Braiding because it is time consuming is regarded as a social interactive time where the latest happenings can be discussed.


Locks take a substantial time to form and develop. They are natural rope like hair that form due to constant manipulation and twisting without to much contact with water. They are difficult to maintain cost a lot in lotions and oils. Locks could be said to be matted hair bound together they are difficult to clean. Some locks look nice why other give a rugged appearance to the wearer. When starting a lock the product which seems to work nicely is bee wax, look for moisturizers, gloss and binding quality. Some musician favors this kind of hair because it gives them a distinct look.

Flat twists

Flat twists can be inculcated into natural hair and relaxed textures, they can be made basically with two strands of hair or three depending on the wearer, the hair is parted from the hairline to the nape which is divide into smaller sections down to two points where twisting continues repeating motion till it becomes a flat twist.

An image of cornrows

An image of cornrows
An image of cornrows | Source

Applying lipstick

How to apply lipstick

  • Use an exfoliate to soften dry lips
  • Apply lip primer
  • Apply lip liner at edges
  • Then apply lipstick
  • Apply gloss for matte effect

Using lip gloss

How to use lip-gloss

1 Wipe lips with damp tissue

2 Use lip balm when the make up is off

3 Apply lip liner

4 Apply gloss

Bring your lips alive

Make up is an essential tool in making a complete representation of your self, having nice hair is good, decent cloths even better but without the crowning of professional done make up the entire effort at looking attractive might be futile. Follow this simple make up tricks to look radiant beautiful and attractive.


1 You face needs lots of assistance before it can have that radiant glow that everyone admires, it is not enough to just apply make up but you need to first take care of the canvas- your face. Your face requires pampering, smooth skin and properly hydrated surface, consider an oily or dry or hipped sin surface no matter the amount of make up you apply it would take tons of it to get your face looking beautiful. By eating right, hydrating yourself regularly, you skin would appreciate the good nutrition and it would show Eat lots of vitamin rich fruits and drink plenty of water, the combination is perfect for good skin

2 Without a doubt luscious lips need to be pampered, if for some reason you forgot to put on lipstick then cultivating the habit of caring lip gloss, lib balms would help you maintain your lips by hydrating them and keeping them moist all day long. The gloss should not be a loud color or the imperfections of hastily applied gloss are easily seen, bright colors attract too much attention.

3 IF you have chapped and dry lips first use a clean cloth dabbed with water to hydrate the lips dab lightly till lips a soaked and hydrated then clean once and use a lib balm, never apply lipstick to chapped lips they only adds to the problem and they would look really weird.

4 Never leave home without you lip gloss, they make the mouth no only sexy but appealing, lip gloss makes women very desirable due to the slight shine and glitter the add to the face. They also protect the lips from getting dry, chapped or rough. Simple mid range tones are best for maximum effect.

5 Lip Tattoo is another way to enhance your lips, they give a permanent look of desirability, and I don’t recommend this form of cosmetics because if done wrong can become a serious problem for the lady, I believe ordinary well applied lipstick is enough.

6 Lip argumentation should be done if you where born with ugly lips, thin lips or you’ve had some kind of accident, I do not recommend surgery of any kind, but many ladies go for fuller lips to make them look beautiful. The down side is if the surgery goes wrong the woman is left with something far worse, unnatural looking lips.

7 Lipsticks come in various colors, there is no hard and fast rule to wearing lipstick, some women can wear even black and look sexy, experiment with colors and see the one that best complements your character, define your lips boundaries with a liner. Lipsticks can enhance your beauty and lend you an air of sophistication. Try various shades and use the ones you are most comfortable with.

Hair Type

Which of these do apply to African Hair

See results

How to wear Animal Prints Fabric

Wearing animal prints

  • Animal prints come in different shapes and sizes, they are usually synthetic fibers since real animal fur is now outlawed in most countries, and the prints have vibrant colors, monograms, leopard skin designs and several motifs. The fabric differs and could be cotton, silk, nylon and polyester.
  • Wear only a particular style at a time multiple prints would clash and give the person a silly look, sometimes top designers are able to successfully combine more than one animal print in their designs
  • Although they are animal prints they come in deferenct colors other than the colors represented in nature, they are dynamic and can be represented in any way or fashion outfit. For the not so daring choose shades that best represents the actual animal in real life, avoid over exaggeration or mix and match outfits especially when putting on animal prints.
  • Do not wear jewelry that has the same kind of prints you are wearing, by doing that there would be a clash of jewelry and clothing, the identical patterns would be to overwhelming to the eye, choose silver which blends well with most outfits, bracelets can be loud and daring.
  • Animal prints that come as shirts should not be worn with trouser or pants of the same print instead plain colors, black, grey, brown or light green depending on the prints colors work nicely.
  • Temper the solid print colors by allowing basic layers to reduce the gleam, animal prints are very bold outfits and only the very confident person can pull them off. If you have to wear them select one that has toned down hues that can be worn without overcoming the whole dress.
  • Mix and match works in the animal print world, it brakes the monotony of the colors and allows admires focus on other fabrics within the ensemble.
  • In order to pull of animal prints the designer should create clear cuts with straight lines, keep the dress stylish elegant and appealing, over flogging the design with other cuts can make the dress look unappealing, so a proper print should have be coperate and moderate cut.
  • Remember tone down the loud animal prints with neutral hues.

When choosing an animal print you should consider the following, wear knee length dresses avoid the ballroom gown look it does not work with print. Tone down the dress by using neutral hues and the stripe on animal prints if horizontal is not good for fat people because it would exaggerate the persons size, choose vertical prints if on the heavy size and the other way applies to lean people.

Prints have also been used in the accessory department from anything such as grandma bags, shoes clutch bags, flat soles, and ankle boots what ever the accessory delicate care should be taken so that the shoes may match the outfit. Print accessories even on your feet are loud, so choosing the outfit that best complements the shoes is imperative. Fashion is fluid and changes with time but basic rules remain the same


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