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Accesorizing Purple Shoes

Updated on January 22, 2011

Accessoring the Shoe

Purple shoes are the perfect way to add dash and vim to your wardrobe. A pair of purple shoes in a pleasant shade can suggest that you are sophisticated and yet playful at the same time.

However, purple shoes, while fun, can be hard to accessorize properly. A pair of shoes needs just the right accessory to create the ideal overall look. If you are choosing a pair of purple shoes you will want to choose the right accessories to go with them. A handbag with a subtle sheen, hosiery with a hint of lavender and earrings that call attention to your face and complement your shoes can all turn a drab look into a coherent whole.

Your Choices

Purple shoes can be accessorized in various ways. Buyers will find a tremendous variety of items that can go well with their shoe choices in most major stores as well as online.

Accessories can start with the addition of a simple addition to your shoes. Purple shoes go well with items that you place on the shoes that can allow any pair to sparkle. Consider the addition of a shoe bow or clip that you can place directly on top of the shoes in question. Bows are available in contrasting colors or colors that complement the shoes in question. Use darker bows on lighter shades of purple shoes. Shoe bows in shades of plum or navy can look quite striking when paired against purple shoes in a shade of mauve or pale lilac.

Consider shoe accessories such as rhinestone clips to bring even more drama for nighttime wear. A large rhinestone buckle can put the exclamation point on your purple shoes when you go out clubbing for a special occasion such as a wedding.

Once you’ve decided on the basic kind of purple shoes that you prefer you can start thinking about what to pair the shoes with for the rest of your outfit. Socks are appropriate for more casual purple shoes such as sandals. Choose shades in white if you want to dress down even further.

Look for tights for a more formal occasion. Tights or stockings can be used to play against the excitement of the purple shoes or to help provide a contrasting feeling of calmness. For theatrical flair go with tights in a pattern such as argyle or tights that have little bows or rhinestones right on the side. Sheer tights in a neutral tone such as beige or white can help rest the eye as it gets drawn up to the rest of your outfit.

Purple shoes should be accessorized with additional items that help pull an outfit together. Shoes and handbags are often used together. A purple shoe works with well with equally unusual material. Consider purchasing a handbag to go with the shoes in an exotic leather such as alligator skin or ostrich. The bag and the shoes can serve as one two punch when you want to make a fashion statement.

Alternatively let the shoes speak for themselves with a chic and toned down bag. A handbag in a soft black suede or muted black leather may let the purple shoes shine without another piece vying for the wearer’s attention.

Other accessories should also bring out attention and help create the right look. A comb in your hair with dangling jewels that brush your ears will also draw attention to your entire look. Look for combs that have elegant jewel tones. Similarly a headband in a lacy pattern can also make you look more youthful and add charm to your overall look. Choose shades that work with your hair color. Darker tones can work with lighter shades such as lilac. Blonds and redheads can find darker and more dramatic shades such as amethyst quite pretty.

Putting it Altogether

The ultimate key to the right accessories are accessories that work well as a complete organic whole. Purple shoes require one to make choices that will either push the shoes into the forefront and let them serve as a focal point or leave them in the background.

Choose accessories that will showcase your shoes or will turn them into just one element in your wardrobe. A bag in a complimentary color can help indicate that purple is your theme of the day. Accessories crafted from all black will push the shoes into the center of attention. Decide which one you prefer. Either will help your create just the right look for your chosen shoes.


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