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Accessorize Your Western Wear With Ethnic Bags

Updated on March 11, 2016

Since ages, we have always seen women carrying contemporary bags with a western outfit, and ethnic bags with ethnic attires. Is it always compulsory to team up your western outfits with western accessories, and ethnic outfits with ethnic Women Accessories? It is so common and boring! It's time to bring a change; it's time to don a chic fusion look that will make everyone go crazy. Nowadays, there are many office goers (women) who are spotted wearing ethnic attires and carrying contemporary designer bags; but, a women wearing western wear and carrying an ethnic designer bag such as potlis are rarely seen. So this spring, don a western outfit and carry an ethnic bag that will create a mesmerizing fusion look, and other women will consider you to be the ultimate 'fashion-freak'.

Be your office's 'fashionista'

No women dare to don a super-fusion look to their office. But why? When you look good, your confidence gets boosted up automatically. So, from now onward, try to play with your look. Wear a western wear such as a long skirt with a casual tee, and carry a jhola bag that would make you look cool enough. It'll be best if you carry a jhola bag that has kutch work all over it,

Look casual and chic

If you want to look casual and chic to your college or university, then wear something really comfy and carry a handbag that's made of cloth and has some embroidery or motifs that are traditional. For example, wear a casual tee (preferably plain-tee), wear a torn or distressed jeans, and carry an ethnic embellished handbag; perfect casual look.

Rock the party!

If you are willing to look unconventional at your friend's kitty party, then wear a stunning skin hugging dress and carry a clutch that has traditional embroidery done all over it, such as gotapatti embroidery. You will look absolutely stunning donning a western attire and carrying a traditional designer clutch, and you'll be amazed seeing yourself in the mirror! To give your look an extra edge, team up your western outfit with ethnic designer jewelry such as a traditional statement necklace, and rock the party!

Try the fusion look at a friend's wedding ceremony

Another fusion look in which you are going to look extremely pretty is 'the gown with potli look'. You'll get plenty of Indian Designer Gowns Online, so purchase one and carry a designer potli with it. Indian designer gowns itself are a fusion outfit that looks like a western flowy gown but has traditional embellishments. So, it's quite obvious that it will go well with a designer potli. You will look amazing!

This season, try out all the above-mentioned fusion looks and look like a fashion queen. If you want to purchase designer clutches and potlis, then it'll be better if you buy it online, as you will get plenty of options to choose from. Some of the sites that keep very pretty Indian designer potli and clutch bags are Simaaya, Hopscotch, Lokalart, Giskaa, and many others.


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