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Achieve Fashion Style and Flair on a Shoe String Budget

Updated on June 12, 2017

At last an article that helps shoppers who seeks to find terrific online shopping sources that will allow them to compare and find the best available prices on fashion. .A great way to save on shopping for fashion is to make purchases from your local community as one such option. The other is to seek and find terrific online shopping sources that will allow you to compare and find the best available prices. Many online shopping stores offer reasonable or free shipping right to your door. Since online sellers may not have a brick and mortar store, they do not have to add sales tax on the purchases they receive from their customers. After you shop and discover just how much you've saved by not paying sales tax or spending extra money for gas, this can really add up on what that item costs you. A friendly tip is when you come across these such benefits, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM!
Our best days forward for a better way of life is maintained through the community where we live. These issues are everywhere in every country. However, there will always be some items that are most appropriate if produced from a distant place.
Main Street communities need to express their concerns with their dollars. This is the only way the corporate minds who run the business world will get it!

Deals are within you reach whether shopping in a store or online.
Deals are within you reach whether shopping in a store or online.

5 Triggers that Make You Overspend

It’s no secret that our country has a spending problem: both our government and citizens. “Compulsive shopping is becoming a global problem,” says Terrence Daryl Shulman, founder and director of The Shulman Center for Compulsive Theft, Spending & Hoarding. “There are statistics that estimate that anywhere between 6-10% of Americans have a chronic shopping problem.” While it’s hard to guide lawmakers on Capitol Hill on how to curb their spending, there are some triggers that lead consumers to overspend. Whether it’s out of boredom or to relieve some stress, over spending can be stopped. Here’s how:

Trigger 1: You’re Bored It’s easier than ever to hop online when we are bored—from no matter where we are—and find distractions. For some that means checking emails, perusing social media, getting news updates, and watching videos. Others shop. According to Andrea Bonior, author of The Friendship Fix, boredom or feeling stagnant is a common trigger for compulsive shoppers. “The idea is, ‘if I buy this, I’ll get some excitement’ or ‘maybe a whole new wardrobe will improve the quality of my life,’” says Bonior. While people get an initial high from buying a new pair of shoes, Bonior warns the feeling doesn’t last long. To combat the need to shop when bored, experts say people need to identify that is a trigger and be ready to fill their downtime with other activities.

Trigger 2: You Feel Like You Lack Control For many people, feeling out of control can lead to anxiety and to help regain control they turn to spending, according to Kit Yarrow, author of the upcoming book Decoding the New Consumer Mind. “Stress is part of all change and so even positive things like having a baby or getting married can cause people to want to shop more to feel like the uncertain future is more under control, “she says. “This also happens when people are working out a tough problem--they sometimes get an absent-minded sense of relief from shopping.” She suggests people try other activities like taking a walk, chatting with a friend or organizing a closet to regain some control. “The key is to feel proactive and in control. I especially like organizing and sorting because that same empowering brain action of making choices is involved.”

Trigger 3: You’re From a Family of Shoppers For many compulsive shoppers, the need to purchase items is rooted in their family history, claims Shulman. Family issues like unresolved losses or trauma or growing up in a family where over shopping was normal or where “deprivation of material or emotional nurturing was present” can lead to overspending tendencies, he says. For compulsive shoppers who have issues with their upbringing, it may be a good idea to avoid stores, online shopping and late-night infomercial watching at all costs, at least in the early stages of treating this condition, he says. “We also need a good support system of friends, family members and recovery buddies to talk to and stay accountable to. We also need healthier activities to fill the void that will be left from stopping shopping.”

Trigger 4: Insecurity The idea of having to “keep up with the Joneses” resonates with too many people in this country and drains our budgets. According to Bonior, the insecurity can materialize in different ways. For some, it’s all about having what their friends have while others fear missing out on a deal. “Whatever the reason they are trying to fill that deficit,” says Bonior. One way to prevent that trigger from turning into a binge shopping spree is to set spending limits. Only having cash on hand can prevent overspending along with freezing credit cards to fight the urge to use them. “Sometimes the first step is just being able to look at the bills and see the reality of the situation,” says Bonior. “It’s very hard to break the cycle unless you have a reality check.”

Always read the fine print.
Always read the fine print.

Where are the great fashion deals?

Many good local and online sources are...

1) local community downtown's





Who is in need of a fashion makeover?

Do you need a wardrobe wake-up? We fell in love with fashion at first sight, but after twenty, thirty, or forty years the romance fades. Maybe the body you've dressed and shopped for has evolved and your wardrobe just hasn't gotten the memo. We've all had that moment when clothes that made us feel sexier, more confident, and put together suddenly don't anymore. Changes in lifestyle, body, work, finances, and attitude require updated fashion strategies. Nows the time for a wardrobe wake-up call , where anyone can dress well for less. Look contemporary but not silly, spend less at the above web sites, and dress for comfort without giving up fashion.


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