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Achieving bleach blonde hair at home:

Updated on November 27, 2014

Having experienced the process you have to go through to gain bleached blonde hair, I can safely say it takes time and patience.

I would firstly advise looking over whether you would suit bleached blonde hair, and whether you actually want to go through with the process. I know many who regret bleaching their hair and can not get it back to the original colour they had so have to wait for their roots to grow out. Personally I made the decision over a long period of time and finally decided to go through with it all!

Step 1: Research

Learn from other peoples experiences: Watch YouTube videos. Read blogs. Look at reviews.

Learning from other people is really important, you can find different techniques and tricks that could end up saving what could've been a complete disaster! Those with experience of bleaching their hair, know ways you can do it better.

Step 2: Find your hair type

This is really important. Finding out what type of hair you have can determine which products you use, the strength of the product, the aftercare etc.

My hair type: I have naturally oily mousy brown hair down to my lower back. My hair at the type was also dip-dyed blonde which determined the amount of bleach I was too use on different types of my hair.

For light/medium blonde hair you will only need to follow the steps that I will provide ONCE as the bleach will have a much stronger effect on you're hair.

For black hair, I would suggest just continuing the steps until you achieve the desired colour, this will take a lot of patience as black is hair is very hard to change. You WILL get very brassy/orange tones when you bleach your hair but there are ways to get rid of this.

Step 3: Give love to your hair

As everybody knows, bleach is an incredibly damaging thing to put on your hair! So before you apply any bleach to you're locks, moisturise, condition and love your hair to death. You want your hair to be in the best possible condition before you bleach it. You can do this by buying/making hair masks, treating it with oils etc.

If your hair is damaged already, then I would definitely consider strongly whether you should be going through with bleaching you're hair as it will most likely lead to fall out and incredibly bad damage.

Step 4: Product

The product I swore by was the "Jerome Russell Bblonde High Lift Powder Bleach". You get 4 x 25g sachets, which for me personally was enough for 2 bleaches. You also have to purchase the cream peroxide separately.

Powder bleach: Around £3.99 Cream peroxide: Around £2.50

Step 5: Process and timing

As shown above:

On the left (inside the box you purchase) there are sachets of powder bleach (four all together). : Seperatly you purchase a bottle of cream bleach. You mix them both together to cream a blue cream that you can then apply to your hair. The amount that you make really does depend on the length and thickness of your hair. Personally I need two sachets and 1 + 1/2 bottles of cream bleach to cover the whole of my head.

All of the instructions are listed inside the box that you purchase so follow those carefully, and try not to exceed the time limit on the box as the bleach is already damaging you're hair enough. PLUS: Bleach actually stops working after an hour, so if you think your going to get blonder hair leaving it on for longer you are wrong- The time limit is there for a reason, do not exceed it!

TIP: To revitalise you're hair after bleaching it, leave gaps of about a week in between each bleaching session. This will give your hair the time to re-condition itself, in preparation for the next time you bleach it. Apply a hair mask or two during this space, and avoid any heat on the hair.

Step 6: Aftercare


The reason I say this is because this is the most incredibly important step. You're hair needs love after bleaching. Bleach is a very damaging product, your hair will feel dry and worn out when you have finished bleaching it to oblivion.

You can purchase multiple different products that will help to restore you're hair to a better condition, but it will take a very long amount of time. After a year, my hair has only JUST restored itself to its natural condition.

My personal choice of hair care, is Argon and Moroccan oils. You can now buy shampoos/conditioners/masks/oils and many more that contain both of these oils.

TIP: Home made hair masks are another great way to improve hair condition as they contain natural ingredients. For example: Using, believe it or not, MAYONNAISE in you're hair can benefit it!

OPTIONAL Step 6: Toning

If you hair has come out with some brassy/ginger/orange tones and you want to get rid of them and get the all round blonde look: There are a range of toners.

I personal used a purple toner: This is basically a purple hair dye heavily diluted with conditioner. The purple tones help to diffuse out the orange/brassy ones. If you're hair is white blonde you may notice a purple tint to you're hair but this will go away and leave you with bleached blonde hair.

I used a Touch Of Silver purple toner! This eliminated my brassy tones :) But there are multiple ones you can buy.


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