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Acne Moisturizers and Lotions With Active Naturals

Updated on October 31, 2010

If your skin is prone to acne, just a normal moisturizer is not at all enough, in fact, they seem to produce negative adverse effects on your skin since they are acne prone already. So selecting and using an acne moisturizer is of prime importance. If the skins are sensitive or suffering from aging or acne, then you must try anti acne moisturizers.

It's one of the most discussed topics in the case of acne : which is the right and best acne moisturizer or lotion for my skin. Well, it is going to be simple if spend a few minutes of yours to research about a few products that are considered to be worth while. Even though these creams, or lotions are available cheaply, greater are is taken while selecting an anti acne moisturizer for you.

Not all creams or acne moisturizers out there are suitable for you. Most of them are made for normal or ordinary skins. But for acne prone skins, the lotion or moisturizer must be of very delicate nature since your skin cannot be damaged in any form. So it depends up on selecting the highest quality product in the category of acne moisturizers. You may read reviews of some of the good ones apart from the tons of products floating there on amazon and similar portals.

You can see that the specially made acne moisturising creams are only a few in number and you need confuse to pick one for you. Here are some of the best products with lots of customer feedbacks and positive reviews.

Vitage Facial Cleanser (Oily/problem), vitamin C serum, Clear complexion serum.

(The above products are all from the brand name Vitage which is independently reviewed, researched and tested and then approved by Dr. Patrick Bowler)

Neutrogena Oil -free Anti Acne Moisturiser is yet another one that is enlisted in the best buys category of acne moisturisers or lotions.

Now its time to clear a myth that is prevailing among people with acne as well as oily skin. They think that why should they buy or use moisturisers if their skin is too oily already. If you are one among those thinkers, then you are completely wrong in that theory. The real concept is that you would still need a good moisturizer that makes your skin problems to heal as well as to make your skin breath correctly. And it is not going to add more oily nature to your skin.

Aveeno Active Naturals is a great acne moisturizer reviewed by a lot of customers over the past years and it is great to receive such a positive feedback every time. If you really don't want to use those heavy and greasy moisturisers put there, then this product is just made for you.

This is an excellent anti acne moisturiser since it fulfils the criteria for becoming a good such acne lotion. That is, it is hypo-allergenic, contains SPF for avoiding and curing skin problems due to UV rays and sun burns, oil free and most important of all, noncomedogenic. It is known for providing a radiant look to your skin unlike other acne moisturisers out there.

Looking for more advice on acne and cure, please refer to our home page Acne Remedy Guide.


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