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Acne Treatment Products Of The Budget-Freak

Updated on February 7, 2016

My Love Note for You

I promise that this hub is about cheap acne treatment products that I used when I was younger, I am currently using and will most probably use in the future. But, I just have to tell you a little story about my past. (If you noticed my other hubs, I mention my family a lot. I love them so much.) Anyway, please, let me indulge for a few paragraphs before I make my point.


My Mom had No Budget for Beauty Products

My mommy was a single mom of four and I was the oldest.

She had little time to bond with her kids because of her busy schedule which is why my grandparents were the ones always with us – me and my siblings.

We were not poor, but everything that went out of my mom’s pocket had to be on the budget list.

I cannot ask for pimple or acne treatment products, even if I was suffering from it.

My dad was not supporting us financially at that time and all the money she got from her salary went to our school (we were enrolled in private schools), food and utilities.


Something you Need to Know about my MA

(She passed the CPA Board examination after my dad left her for another woman at 30 years old and with 4 kids. She became a hotel manager after that and worked at Hotel Galleria in Davao City, Philippines from 10am to 5pm. She also did some freelance audit work during Saturdays. Sometimes, her Sundays are blocked too. After hotel hours, she taught Accounting and Marketing Management an hour or two each ay at a nearby university. My mom was also an aerobics instructor and her schedule was every day from 7-8pm or 8-9pm. She worked that hard because she had 4 mouths to send to school and to feed. Still, her money was not enough for “leisure” things.)


We had to Prioritize

I started having pimples when I was 10 and I don't remember my mom buying facial care treatment for us. Like I said, no allocation for other things. Money has always been tight up until I was in Junior high. She too had her acne problem and I know in my heart that my mom wanted the best for me but money was an issue. She just could not afford the posh acne treatment at that time.

Her explanation was one word – priority. Which commodity is to be prioritized in the household? Is it FOOD or BEAUTY? We all chose the former, of course.


Important Life Lesson - Resourcefulness

Growing up was hard, especially because I was in private school and my classmate’s parents had money. My friends had nice things and I always ended up borrowing from them. Good thing I had true friends back then. Until now, they are my besties. (Their picture is in another hub of mine, but I will update this once I find another one of our pics.)

They had acne treatment kits and regular visits to their dermatologists. They had braces (in our country, braces were a show of status). Their clothes were expensive. They had everything. But thinking back, that no-money time in my life made me the person I am today. I learned to be resourceful. At a young age, I was into buy and sell. I started to earn my own money. In a way, it has shaped me as a person.

Here they are!

A little over $1
A little over $1 | Source
Almost $2
Almost $2 | Source

Cheap Acne Skin Care Products that I Used

Anyway, so I lacked the cash back then. I had to clean my face with Sulfur Soap, a cheap pimple soap, but it was not enough.

There was a time when I resorted to home made beauty remedies like mixing oils, making toner and cleansers.

I also tried a cheap astringent called Eskinol which made my pimples worse.

So when my grandma saw my bumpy face, she gave me my first acne treatment cream Clearasil.

She had little tubes of it, I think it was a sampler back then which she took back home from her trip in the US.

I loved it instantly!

The pimples would literally shrink.

So yes, I was able to try it, but as soon as it ran out, there was no way for me to buy another tube.

Zit Zapper Indeed!


Spot On!


Do not Use Hydroquinone - Ever!

Fast forward to my college days and Hydroquinone was the hip pimple remedy. I had a complete set of MAXIPEEL. Argh. At first my pimples cleared up but my skin experienced peeling. After a few months, I noticed that my acne scars turned dark – prolonged use of Hydroquinone. If I used organic acne treatment, my face would not be that way. It was so embarrassing! I hated the way it looked. And I also experienced the “two acne in one spot” thing. Yes, literally! One smaller acne was on top of the bigger acne. It was horrendous!

I'm Sorry, but NO

The whole set costs around $7-8 Hydroquinone = Carcinogenic
The whole set costs around $7-8 Hydroquinone = Carcinogenic | Source

More Cheap but So-So Products

I searched for Clearasil, bought one and it was ok again. It dried up the acne but the areas still left a dark mark on my face. A friend of mine told me that I needed whitening cream for the dark spots. But because I had oily face and thinking moisturizers were the enemy, my acne treatment at that time was basically facial wash or soap, facial scrub and toner. I used Pond’s acne-prone facial wash, St. Ives Apricot Scrub and Gluta C astringent – all cheap products.

The following products were on my beauty table too:

$2, at least
$2, at least | Source
$4, give or take
$4, give or take | Source
Almost $20
Almost $20 | Source

Going Organic

When I got married, my skin was radiant; maybe because I was happy and stress-free.

Happiness can bring out the best in your spirit and your skin.

I forgot about my regimen and only used Clearasil if I had a break out.

I did not even use sunblock until my mother in law decided to let me train for Salon Management as she was interested to open up a Salon and Spa.

One of our spa suppliers called Bioskin manufactured organic skin care products.

They had everything, from acne treatment to body peeling sets, all of which were organic – extracts and oils from plants.

From them, I learned that organic is the way to go since the ingredients are all-natural and the products are safe to use.

I decided to brand some of the products from Bioskin, and make my own skin care line.

I named it after my sister in law, Lovely, and daughter, Sofia.

Now, I am an online seller and beauty consultant of cheap organic products named


From a young girl without the silver spoon in her mouth to a resourceful, home-based businesswoman and mommy of 5 – that is me.

Now, I have my own skin line and can afford to buy the treatment that I want - provided it is within my BUDGET.

Right now, I have a skin care regimen for oily and acne-prone skin. It is my acne treatment set as well as it was designed that way.

Bee Wash

Bee Wash, old packaging, $4
Bee Wash, old packaging, $4 | Source

Cleanser: Bee Wash

Bee wash is composed of two main ingredients – Honey and Witch Hazel.

Honey is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial. This prevents the growth of new acne on the face as it kills the bacteria forming pimples and acne. It also removes skin impurities which rejuvenate the skin and makes it dewy.

Witch Hazel is a pore minimizer and it helps improve the appearance of the pores on the skin. Also, it is anti-inflammatory. It lessens the swelling and the redness of acne and pimples.

With these two ingredients alone, it is enough to be an acne treatment kit. But, I am not done yet with my whole regimen.

Clarifying Solution

$5 | Source

Toner: Clarifying Solution

Lovely Sofia’s Clarifying Solution contains Kojic Powder and Hamamelis Virginiana aka Witch Hazel. It also has Lactic Acid in the solution. What can it do for acne-prone skin? Lactic Acid is an AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid. It evens out the skin tone and is a great exfoliant. Old skin needs to be scraped off and that is when an exfoliant is needed. Acne-prone skin needs to be exfoliated too, and Lactic Acid can do the job and a very good addition to any acne treatment.

Kojic powder is responsible for preventing hyperpigmenttion. It also has whitening properties to keep the skin from darkening. An acne leaves a blemish, but with Kojic, it will not be an issue anymore.

Hamamelis Virginiana is Witch Hazel and we all know what it can do for acne-prone skin.

Argan Oil

$6 | Source

Moisturizer: Argan Oil

Celebrities use Argan Oil on their face – Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes, FYI.

The oil is extracted from the kernels of Argan tree and it is native in Morocco.

The oil has anti-aging properties.

It will eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Another thing about the Argan oil is that it is an anti-bacterial – a great characteristic for any acne treatment product.

It also heals skin diseases.

Every time I use this and I have a pimple, after 1-2 days, it disappears.

I call it Miracle Oil.

So, that is my CTM regimen for now. I am very happy with it and truly, these three products are very affordable. Even a student can afford it.

I Want More...

Now, I have been searching high and low for other acne products that may be good to use. Of course, it has to be organic and as we all know, organic products can be a bit expensive. I did find some from Uptown Cosmeceuticals which worked really great for my mommy with her acne. As I have said earlier, she too has acne prone skin and wants to find the best acne treatment product for her. For almost three months now, she has been using Spin Trap® Anti-Aging Serum and Anti-Acne Serum.

I came across these videos during the course of my "research".

A Worthy Anti-Acne Serum Perhaps?

Same Product, Another Review

Discounted at $21.50
Discounted at $21.50 | Source

This is my mommy's Anti-Aging Serum

Discounted at $19.75
Discounted at $19.75 | Source

I will definitely try these two and see if it will match my organic products. My mom is so pushing me to use it because it worked for her. I hope that it will work for me too.


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