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Acne - Natural Treatments

Updated on May 12, 2013

Acne can be treated in a number of ways but the best way to treat acne is by using natural treatments. Skin is the most sensitive organ of human body so; you must avoid chemicals or creams as it may cause some harmful effects on your skin. While treating the skin in a natural way, the followings things may involve:

  • By using natural herbs
  • By having proper diet


Nature has granted us with lots of blessings. When we explore, we find many useful herbs that are not only being used in medicines but also have great impact on skin. These are as follows:

1. Olive Leaf Extract

It is an ancient cure for acne disease. Olive leaves have healing property and its extract is being used since ancient Greece times. Olive leaf tea has been adopted by many cultures to fight afflictions like infections, fevers and coughs. Besides, natural ingredients such as olive leaf extract and olive leaf tea, has been used in a number of methods as a remedy for skin issues specially acne problem.

2. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, which is also known as melaleuca oil, is an essential oil having a light golden shade. This oil has natural resistance against acne as it has a great ingredient named terpinen-4-ol, this has anti-bacterial property. It can kill bacteria effectively. Propionibacterium acnes can be killed by applying on the acne lesions -- a coat of topical tea tree oil. Propionibacterium acne is the type of acne in which bacteria is responsible for causing acne. Tea tree oil has gained much popularity by every passing day as it is very effective in skin treatments.

3. Licorice Root Extract

Licorice root and licorice root extract is a multipurpose natural acne fighter. It has been used in medicines since thousands of years. It is much famous in setting the digestive system and relieving stomach problems. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that cure skin problems like acne.

4. Green Tea Extract

Green tea is widely used all over since thousands of years. It is the popular treatment of acne as green tea extract cures acne naturally and is comparatively less expensive than other remedies. It produces the fabulous results in clearing the skin without causing any irritation to skin.

5. Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Vera extract is a useful tool in fighting against acne. It is a nice alternative to traditional over the prescribed acne medication as acne is nowadays common problem among people.


Diet is the proper and natural treatment of acne as it eliminates the waste and unwanted materials in body and will not let it create acne on your skin as inner health is most important for skin.

The function of liver is to remove the hormones and toxins from your body in a fast manner else your skin will end with excess of oil. If there are loads of toxin materials in your body then your liver will be unable to remove hormones and will end with acne.

The foods which are best for cleaning the body are as follows:

1. Apple and Psyllium husks: both contain fibers that absorb and exhaust all the waste that has stuck with your intestines. It is also best in removing bacterium that produces mycotoxins.

2. Beet root: having fabulous liver clearing property.

3. Milk thistle: contains such ingredients that save the liver from being damaged because of viruses, toxins and alcohol.

So, natural herbs and proper diet are the key elements in treating the acne naturally and makes your skin clean and beautiful.


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