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All You Need to Know About Fragrances

Updated on June 23, 2020

All About Fragrances

"The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart...and hopefully someone else's", beautifully quoted by Elizabeth Taylor.

Indeed, a scent has the magical power to virtually take us where the heart wants to go. Romance, reminiscence & nostalgia fill our hearts. A scent has the strength to take us back in time, revisit moments & replay events. It can harness the olfactory senses, enhance the mood of the wearer & have others smitten!

Fragrances are such an integral part of our lives! Spiritually, the importance of it is seen in our incense sticks, scented candles, essential oils which are used for the body & for meditations, non-alcohol ones are offered to the Divine. Oh! And how we love to splash them on as mists, perfumes, colognes, fragrant powders & aftershaves to smell amazing & capture hearts!

The types of fragrances are various. Below are the categories of fragrance concentrations with their detailed descriptions:

  • Parfum - This type of perfume is also referred to as extrait de parfum, which is said to have the highest amount of concentration. It is the most intense, comprising 15% - 40% potency. Among all the scents that will be mentioned below, the Parfums last the longest, generally upto 8 hours or so. This is recommended for people with sensitive skin as the content of alcohol present in these are the least, thus not drying the skin out.

  • Eau De Parfum (EDP) - The second category, following Parfum often referred to as EDP in short. The concentration in this is usually between 15%-20%. The longetivity of this is usually for a few hours, also economically more affordable than the Parfum. While it does have a higher concentration of alcohol compared to Parfum, this is also easy on sensitive skin. Eau De Parfum is one of the most commonly sold type of fragrance & ideal for daily wear.

  • Eau De Toilette (EDT) - The Eau De Toilette has a fragrance concentration of between 5%-15%. More reasonably priced than the EDP & a very common type of fragrance. This stays on the skin for around a couple of hours. Many like to wear an EDT in the morning as its lighter & the EDP is reserved for evening wear & outings, given its strength. Eau de toilette emerged from the French words "Faire sa toilette" which translates to "getting ready".

  • Eau De Cologne (EDC) - Abbreviated as EDC, has a relatively lower concentration & more economical than the above mentioned types of fragrance, of about 4%-8% with a high alcohol concentration. This stays on for approximately two hours. Originally, an Eau De Cologne referred to a conventional traditional recipe comprising herbs & citrus notes.

  • Eau Fraiche - This type is very similar to the EDC which lasts upto two hours with a concentration of 2%-5%, with little alcohol. The remainder of Eau Fraiche is usually more diluted & made up of water.

There are notes which go into the perfume, that actually create the fragrances & make them what they are! Just as ingredients that make our food taste a certain way, these notes & blends intermingled together create a scent for our olfactory senses. The three main notes are referred to as: Top, Middle & Base. Explained below are the details:

  • Top Notes: Also called Head Notes, as the title suggests the top notes form the top layer of the fragrance. The first notes that you can smell as you spray on the scent. The first impressions are formed by these first notes. Top notes usually evaporate quickly, lingering on for not more than first 15 minutes, they lend the initial scent & then allow for the other 2 integral notes to emit their fragrance. Top notes are usually light & made up of smaller molecules. Examples of common top notes are: lemon, orange, bergamot, & light floral notes such as lavender, rose. Herbal notes like Basil & anise are also popular top notes.

  • Middle Notes: Also known as Heart notes that lie in the cenrtre of the scent just as our heart is the centre of our bodies & chakras. They enhance & deepen the top notes. Being in the centre, this offers balance to the base notes below, buffering them. They make up 70% of the entire scent, they last longer than the top notes. Some examples of Heart notes are: aromatic floral oils like jasmine, geranium, neroli, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, pepper, lemongrass, cardamom & black pepper.

  • Base Notes: These along with heart notes form the foundation of the fragrance. They help boost & intensify the lighter notes. They are felt after about half an hour once applied. The base notes last the longest & linger on for more than few hours. Popular base notes comprise: amber, musk, vanilla, patchouli, woody notes, sandalwood, cedarwood & moss.

Fragrances gave different types of accords & aroma, to name a few are: Fresh, Oriental, Ouds, Floral, Citrus, Woody & Fruity & Musky.

  • Fresh Notes: Light & citrusy in nature, making them popular picks for top notes. Orange & bergamot give freshness & sweetness, lemon & bergamot lend the zesty yet bitter sharpness.

  • Floral Notes: They give a natural feel to the fragrance. Often used as top & heart notes. Jasmine is a popular floral accord, fruity & floral while ylang-ylang lends a tropical touch.

  • Fruit Notes: Often used in middle notes, they blend & adjust easily with other notes. Examples are blackberry which is a rich musky scent while sweet & juicy notes are comprised of apple & strawberry.

  • Spice Notes: As the name goes, spice adds warmth to a fragrance. Cinnamon & nutmeg are the most popular spices used in scents. Herbs such as Basil & rosemary are also commonly blended.

  • Wood Notes: Sandalwood & Patchouli are two common woody notes. Most wood notes have an earthy touch, some such as cedarwood & oud lend sweetness.

  • Musky Notes: Mostly found in base notes, they enrich the fragrance with their scent. Types of musk comprise cashmeran & black musk.

In conclusion, there is a fragrance & a type for everyone! An extensive variety fills the perfume world! There is so much to choose from , the online shop is a perfume planet with an amazing assortment. We promise, you will be spoilt for choice!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Benita


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