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Add These To Your Skin Care Regimen

Updated on April 21, 2012

Important For Skin Health

We all reach for facial creams and body lotions to help our skin look and feel younger; and while these certainly can't hurt, there are several things we can do that are easily implemented and that may do more in the long run than those expensive elixirs. You may have heard some of these before, and maybe it's because they really are important, and really do work.

External factors and how seriously we take our health are the main reasons for how our skin looks. Genetics play their part, but, only a very small part. Surprisingly, some of the easiest things we can do that will help to make our skin glow with a healthy shine, are the things we don't put much stock in, or give an honest try.

Take one month and give the following tips a try, and you just might be very pleasantly surprised.  Skin renews itself every twenty eight days, and if during that time it doesn't receive the nutrients it needs, then it is going to continue to lack the youthful appearance we all crave.

Water Is A Winner

Though drinking water doesn't prevent dry skin as once thought (it passes through the body too quickly), it does flush out toxins.  Our bodies handle a lot of toxins in the form of pollutants and bad food choices; and a build up of these toxins can exacerbate skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.  Water helps prevent toxins from making their exit through our skin by flushing them through our system.

Water carries nutrients to our skin, as it does to every cell in our body and improves blood circulation which is very beneficial to healthy skin.

We can get a portion of our water intake from fruits and vegetables with high water content.  Eating melons and cucumbers for example will supplement your daily water needs.

Food and Their Benefits To Skin

  • Seafood - The Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc in seafood provide for smooth and clear skin.  They can reduce dryness and inflammation, which can contribute to eczema and psoriasis.  Zinc assists in new cell production and the sloughing of dead skin cells, which of course helps give you a nice glow.
  • Citrus Fruits- This vitamin helps in the production of collagen, a protein that forms basic skin structure.  After the age of 35, the breakdown of collagen really speeds up, leaving our skin sagging.  Vitamin C fights the free radicals that can prematurely age your face due to damaged cells. Oranges, tomatoes and other fruits with deep, rich colors are the best choices.
  • Vegetables- Those vegies that are red and green are the ones with the most Vitamin A and the ones that help your skin produce more new cells, and help reduce dryness.  Retin-A is one example of a medication making use of the benefits of Vitamin A.  Keep our face looking young by eating lots of foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach.
  • Nuts - The Vitamin E in nuts combats the free-radicals that age our skin.  They, among other things, protect our skin from the damages of the sun, and help our skin hold in moisture.  Almonds are the top nuts for this beneficial vitamin.
  • Whole Grains - Unprocessed whole grain contains B-vitamins which work against inflammation-related skin damage.  Dry, scaly skin is a sign of low B-vitamin in your diet.  Acne is encouraged by insulin spikes and these are caused by processed carbohydrates such as white flour. 

Good Skin From Good Health

We hear it over and over, but that is because it is the honest truth; if you want healthy looking and nice feeling skin, you are going to find it in good health habits.

The signs of stress, lack of exercise and fast food diets are sure to show in your face.

If you smoke, drink alcohol to excess and spend extended amounts of time in the sun, it will show in your face.

If you choose to drink coffee and sodas instead of water, it will show up in your face.

It might not be evident when you are in your twenties, but it definitely will in your forties and on up. None of us will score a ten on all of the things "we should do" to keep our skin looking young, but doing even a few will go a long way.


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