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Adidas Trainers - Gazelles are not the only shoe.

Updated on January 19, 2018

For those of you who are not completely familiar with Adidas Trainers you could be mistaken to think that they only produce a few different styles, and this would be an acceptable mistake to make becuase there are just some Adidas styles that have became so famous that they have eclipsed some really good shoes.

Adidas has been going since before the second world war so you can imagine how many different kinds of shoes they have produced over the years and the amount of footwear innovations that they have came up with.

Whether it is the Torsion system in the Nineties or the Preditor boot, Adidas have always been at the forefront of creating new technologies for competitive sports as well as for the consumer market.

Adidas Torsion

Some say that the release of the Adidas Torsion was the birth of Adidas in the modern era. The application of the Torsion Bar on the bottom of the shoe was a huge break through in Training Shoe technology and became an instant hit with sports men as well with people on the street.

The original green and white colour way became iconic and Adidas launched their Equipment range off of the back of it, which for a short time looked as if it was going to take over the sports wear market and of course the Adidas Equipment team were behind the legendary Liverpool FC kit of the early Nineties.

Torsion Special

Adidas moved in to the out door by releasing it's Torsion Special, this utilised the technology for the Torsion shoe but applied it to a solid outdoor sole. Some of the top models were even fitted with a Gore Tex upper which made the whole shoe almost indestructible.

Again these shoes became an instant hit with the sporting world as well as with the general public, the Torsion Special were also adopted by the Northern indie music scene which conformed them as an iconic shoe.

A few more Adidas Trainers of note.

Adidas Ciero
Adidas Ciero
Adidas Busenitz
Adidas Busenitz
Adidas Super Skate
Adidas Super Skate

Adidas Collaborations

Over the years Adidas has teamed up with some great companies to produce collaborative shoes.

One of the real stand out collaborations is the very fruitful one between Adidas and A Bathing Ape, they have produced some of the most sort after shoes and the Adidas x Bape Superstars have slipped in to sneaker legend, with pairs swapping hands for over £1000.

More recently Adidas have been producing trainers and clothing with high fashion designer Jeremy Scott, this line has became very popular with American Rappers and subsequently with all the hypebeasts that follow popular music.

Adidas x Jeremy Scott
Adidas x Jeremy Scott
Adidas x UNDFTD x Bape
Adidas x UNDFTD x Bape

Adidas 35th Anniversary

In 2005 Adidas released the 35th Anniversary editions of the Superstar shoe. This was almost the ultimate collaboration and it saw some of the greatest shops, designers and companies come together to produce 35 differently coloured Superstars.

This meeting of great minds has gone down in trainer folk law and a couple of the shoes from that collection have became the most collectible trainers in the world.

Ones of note are the Adidas x Neighborhood shoes which have even out stripped the Bape one in there collectability.


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