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Adidas Trainers for Spring 2013

Updated on June 19, 2013

Adidas have just released their latest collection of trainers for 2013 and there are a few things in there that you will be familier with and a few things.

As with most things Adidas they are looking to the past to push themselves forward and that so it's self through the re-releasing of the original colour way in the Gazelle's, but this time they have treated them to a vintage feel which is something that Adidas usually leaves to the main rival Nike.

It is also good to the return of the Basket Prof Low, which is a classic looking Hip Hop shoe which is well over due a return.

So this hub is just to highlight some of the shoes which will be hitting the shops pretty soon.

The Return of the Adidas Gazelle OG

Above are the two original colour ways in the Adidas Gazelle and as I mentioned before they have been given a little vintage treatment.

As you can see they have been built on the original last or as closest as Adidas can get it and I have always felt that it is the best shaped Gazelle that they ever produced. It is the way they go down to a slight point in the toe it gives the shoe a elegant look which is lost on the rounder toed later models.

I did show a friend of mine these photos yesterday and the only complaint he had was that the laces in the red pair did not look so good, but as I told him fear not because Adidas have included the traditional white.

Adidas ZX 700 M

Another great shoe to return is the ZX 700 and I for one love the new colour way. The mud guard and surrounding panels have been finished in burgundy suede and this is not soft suede either it has a real tough finish to it so these shoes are not just built for looking good in they are also going to stay together if you use them for running too.

The rest of the shoe has been finished in white and off white in a mix of leather and mesh panels, you will also find blue highlights in the form of a heel guard, lace loop and toe panel. The colour blue which they have used cements them as a pair of Adidas as it is the Adidas brand blue.

Adidas Basket Profi Lo

Here are the Adidas Basket Profi Lo and for me they are the stand trainer of the group. You might think these look like pretty standard shoes but when you look closer you can see the balance that these trainers have got.

For me these look like a classic skate trainer from the mid nineties, this is before skate companies started producing their own and kids would wear Puma States and Adidas Superstars.

The toes box on this shoe is the same as the one they use on the Forest Hills, which of course is one of the most highly respected shoes in the Adidas range.

Adidas SuperStar 80's

I couldn't finish this hub off with out a mention of the Superstars, it goes with out saying that these are one of the most iconic trainers that Adidas have ever produced and the trainer that a lot of people associate with the brand.

This season they have been released in a cold grey colour which works really well with the off white toe piece and sole unit. I have no doubt that these will be one of the best selling Adidas shoes this year.

Adidas Chord Low

The Chord Low is a great trainer which fits in to the smart casual look perfectly, they are the kind of trainer which you can be comfortable in and which you can get in to a bar too. This pair has a brown suede mud guard all the way round the base. The upper has been finished in black leather and you will find brown suede around the back of the ankle too.


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