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Advanced way of making a PROFESSIONAL tattoo stencil: tips and tricks.

Updated on November 10, 2011

Forget the trace-paper

Have you ever had a problem with getting the stencil to come out on the skin right? Or having to re-do the stencil all over again because you attempted to put the stencil on the skin so many times? Well in this article you will find out the tips and tricks on how to make a professional stencil every time.

A lot if people still use the old method of printing or drawing out your design, taping it onto the carbon paper, tracing it, cutting it out, and applying it to the skin. Well in this new way off making a stencil, you basically still use the same steps, just with instead of using the "tracing paper," you use the paper that the design is already on. So, forget the transfer paper that is attached to your carbon paper, just rip it off. The tracing/transfer paper was the main thing that has caused all of your problems with getting the stencil on your clients skin.

So, now that you have your design and ready to trace it, grab a pen and get started. Take your design that you drew or printed off, and lay it directly on the carbon paper. Now follow the normal steps you usually take, and trace with your pen, directly onto the design. Once you have finished that, cut around it to get the excess paper off and apply it to the skin. I like to just use regular green soap, but you can also use tattoo stencil gel that is specially made for that. Now that you have done that, look at your design and you will see how much more clear it is, and how how much longer it will last. If you mad a mistake putting the stencil on you can wipe the old stencil off and apply it again, because the regular paper you are using now is a lot more durable than the tracing paper! Now you are ready to tattoo. This is what makes this method so much easier and also, saves a lot of time. You can re-do the stencil up to 4 times!


- Look at the back of you stencil before you put it on, to see if you missed any lines.

- Do not over-saturate the skin when applying the green soap.

- Use a dull point pen, and apply pressure when tracing the design. (wont wipe off as easily when you are tattooing.)

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    • profile image

      sierra 2 years ago

      do you dilute the green soap when using it for stencil as u do when wiping the ink?