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Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry – How to save money without risking your smile

Updated on November 20, 2010

All of us would like to show off a perfect smile though between there and where your smile is now may involve a substantial sum of money. Considering what cosmetic dentistry can involve, you may not think that there is such a thing as affordable cosmetic dentistry. However there are a number of things that you can do to get the same perfect smile and still keep money in your bank.

Here’s How

When you hear the phrase cosmetic dentistry some of the first things that come to mind are medical procedures which completely transform a person’s face. These are something like the procedures that you would see on “extreme makeover”. While this is cosmetic dentistry, you need to bear in mind that it requires some of the most expensive treatments commonly involving up to 10 veneers made of porcelain and a number of tooth crowns. The cost of such a procedure can fall comfortably in the tens of thousands.

Chances are that you don’t need that much work done, and even if you do, you don’t need it all at once. If you have ever had your dentist fix any teeth problems you will be aware of how quickly the cost of a visit can rise though there is no need to be alarmed about the cost of cosmetic procedures if you know exactly what you are after.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry
Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

Bit By Bit

The result of a perfect smile is not one single treatment. And because your teeth are unique you may need less work than you think. You can achieve a perfect smile for much less by having your regular or cosmetic dentist perform a series of smaller procedures that will combine to give you the smile you want.

As the technology in the dental field has improved there are now many simple procedures that can be done to not only improve the health of your teeth but also replace older dental solutions .Using procedures like laser teeth whitening, replacing discolored fillings and teeth shaping will allow you to improve your smile affordably. Many older patients will have discolored or silver filings that can now easily be replaced with something that is more aesthetically pleasing. In the case of pointed or uneven teeth many dentists are easily able to shape them in a standard session. These specific treatments in themselves have a big effect which is only compounded when done in conjunction with other treatments.

If you are considering doing a number of smaller treatments then consult your dentist about how they should be performed because you don’t want anything that will undo the work of any previous treatments that you have had. Another benefit of this is that you get to see your progress as you go. Therefore, if you are already happy with your smile after only the use of teeth whitening products for example, then you are not obligated to continue with other procedures. This point alone can save you thousands especially as cosmetic treatments to begin with are not absolutely necessary.

More Ways To Save

Cosmetic dental procedures are almost never covered by insurance so this means that you are going to be subject to a whole raft of charges that you previously could have avoided for normal dental procedures. Depending on your insurer and dentists some procedures like replacing a filling may be liable for a deduction thought there are several other way that you can save money. Lots of people

Many dentists will offer treatments at a discount if you pay for treatments in advance or immediately after they are done. Some dentists may offer a Discount Dental Plan as well as payments per individual session. A typically expensive treatment like getting invisible braces cost much less if you can pay either up front or using a dental plan. Don’t be shy about asking for a discount in your initial consultation. Dentists can be bargained with just like anyone else. You will also have better luck if you visit a dentist from the recommendation of a friend. A discount of 10%-40% off is not uncommon if you know the relative cost of the treatment and this applies for most medical treatments. There are also specific institutions who offer cosmetic dentistry financing to make the payments more affordable.

Look in Other Areas

Part of the reason that cosmetic dental procedures are expensive may in fact have little to do with your teeth. Most cosmetic dentists will practice in a more expensive part of town or even in a more expensive town entirely as that is where the bulk of their clients come from. Whit this in mind the rental cost of the practice will vary and inevitably affect the amount that you have to pay. Be sure to look around in areas that are not in your immediate vicinity as the pricing difference by location can be quite significant.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry
Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

Medical Tourism

Lots of money can be saved by having your cosmetic dental procedures carried out abroad. Don’t let the cost of the trip discourage you as it isn’t difficult to spare an afternoon from your normal holiday to have some dental work done. The prices overseas can be as much as 80% lower than at home because of things like rent, insurance, labour and other costs that fall dramatically in other countries compared to what your local dentist is paying. The facilities are commonly made for expats so the standard of both the dentists and equipment will be high, perhaps more so than your current dentist.

Of course if you are considering going abroad for your treatments then the same rules apply. DO your research thoroughly, and try and get recommendations from existing or former patients. If you do your homework properly then you could come back from your holiday looking more than just a little refreshed.

Do It Yourself

Before you take a file to your teeth and try to shape them yourself, the only thing that you can safely do yourself is by using some teeth whitening products. There is a plethora of whitening solutions out there and for a fraction of the cost of a dentist visit you could get your hands on some of the best teeth whitening products on the market. As with any product the results will vary slightly from person to person so you may find that home teeth whitening kits could be a good place to start.

As with anything, you dentist will be the ideal person to ask about these procedures, but don’t be afraid to look around and compare both the prices and treatments offered by other dentists. It wont take too much effort to find the best cosmetic dentistry procedure for you. In any case, using the above tips and you will be sure to save both your smile and some money.


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