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Affordable Nike Running Apparel

Updated on January 3, 2012


As a runner I need functionality in my clothes. However, I still crave to be fashion forward while hitting the pavement. Nike running apparel seems to fulfill both of my desires while running.

Nike markets a technology known as Dri-Fit in most of their athletic apparel. Dri-Fit prevents an athlete from being uncomfortable while sweating. The moisture-wicking material removes sweat from skin to the fabric layer where the moisture can evaporate. The skin is then able to remain cool and protected. Competitors such as Adidas and Under Armour offer similar technologies but none utilize the moisture-wicking model that works so well nor do their clothes look as fashionably complimentary as Nike.

Everything from socks, underwear, shorts to hats are created using Dri-Fit technology. The clothes are very durable as they retain their shape and color through many washing cycles. According to Nike (as found on their Website) there are washing guidelines to help preserve the effectiveness and appearance of the apparel. Nike recommends not to machine dry and to wash in cold water.

I love Nike apparel but it can be expensive to outfit myself in a new athletic wardrobe each season. Spending a lot of money on athletic apparel can really put a damper on my checking account so I have found different avenues to offset the high pricing.

1. Nike Outlet Stores. Nike Outlets offer a huge array of running apparel for at least 20% off or more. Buying running tights is best during the spring and summer months where you find them on sale for roughly $20-$25 a pair! I often find Dri-Fit shirts; long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless for $6.99-$9.99! Sport Bras are a good find at the outlets too. There are always a large assortment of styles, color and sizes for a mere fraction of the msrp. Do not expect to find Nike tempo running shorts at the outlets.

2. Nordstrom’s Rack. I love this place. At ‘The Rack’ there is a small department of athletic wear. Nordstrom’s sells a lot of Nike. Depending on the size and location of the store, there are usually 2 racks dedicated to Nike women’s apparel. All the merchandise is markdown to 40% off or more, I always find “to die for” running gear. Nike tempo shorts and running jackets are usual rack staples throughout the entire year.

3. My Coke Rewards. Coca Cola markets an incentive program to entice consumers to purchase their products. Coca Cola products are marked with a distinct alpha-numeric code found under the cap lids of 20 oz. bottles, on plastic wrap encasing water cases or on the inside cardboard box of a 12 pack of cans. These codes can be redeemed at Coca Cola’s website, The accumulation of points can be converted to merchandise! Nike offers gift cards in redemption for Coca Cola points. Currently, $25 gift cards are 1,000 reward points, $35 gift cards are 1,400 reward points and $50 gift cards are 2,000 points. During the holidays, Coca Cola will sometimes offer a promotion where the reward point values are reduced by 50%!

4. Nike Website. Shopping online periodically can be rewarding. Every few months, Nike emails a promo code to their website subscribers offering an additional % off clearance items when checking out. Look for the promo code to be sent around a holiday. Occasionally there will also be a free shipping code to use in conjunction with the discount promo code, score! This is when you can grab multiple pairs of Nike Tempo running shorts for cheap! Please note that he Nike website does charge a tax on all purchases online, expect to incur that fee on top of your shopping balance at checkout.

5. Local Running Boutiques. Today I walked into a local Dallas running store and found a pair of really cute Nike Tempo running shorts for $7.00! I could not believe the steal that I had walked myself into. This store always has fashionable running apparel, they often markdown merchandise to bring in new product. Occasionally check out the local running stores in your city and see what deals you can find.


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    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 4 years ago from Minnesota

      I'm lucky enough to have a Nike outlet near me, although the prices don't seem to be that different than what you'd pay at a sporting goods store. Either way, I love their stuff, especially their Nike free run shoes. Nice hub!