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Affordable Wrist Watches for Men

Updated on October 26, 2015

Things to Consider when Buying a Gift

  • What is your budget? In this tough economy, you might not have thousands of dollars to spend on a gift. If you're looking to purchase a watch for your man, try to budget at least $250 for his gift. This is a good middle-of-the-road number for a wrist watch. The watches on this page generally reflect a lower price range, but some reach over $100.
  • What's his style? When purchasing any kind of accessory for a gift, it's imperative to think about the style of the person being gifted. Is he sporty? Suave? Business-like? His style should be reflected in the watch that you purchase for your man. If he hasn't told you precisely what he wants, try to find something that will match the majority of his wardrobe.
  • How active is he? If he's athletic and particularly active, you will probably want to consider a gift that reflects his activities. Durable watches are better for highly active men, while something with a leather or metallic band will work well for someone who works a desk job.

Watches Make Excellent Gifts

Everybody needs a reliable timepiece. Even in this day and age when people carry their phones and check those for the time, watches are a fashionable addition to any wardrobe and allow the wearer to tell the time at a quick glance. Battery life in a watch is high and therefore this eliminates the worry of the device losing its battery and letting you down when you most need it. In addition, a wristwatch makes a fashionable and acceptable accessory for even the most macho of men.

Watches make outstanding gifts because they reflect a knowledge of the person being gifted. It takes a great deal of consideration to purchase the perfect timepiece for the man in your life, and when gifting, it's important to give the recipient the comfort of knowing that you, as the gifter, know who he is as a person.

Whenever purchasing an accessory or piece of jewelry as a gift, make sure to take the recipient's preferences into consideration and choose something that you believe will suit his personal sense of style. If you can't find out exactly what he wants for a gift, try to choose something you know matches his current wardrobe or even which reflects his goals for the future.

Watches make beautiful and practical gifts for men!
Watches make beautiful and practical gifts for men! | Source

Choosing a Type of Watch

When choosing a watch for the man in your life, you have two choices to make. The first choice is whether to purchase a Wrist Watch or a Pocket Watch. This hub focuses entirely on Wrist Watches, and so you won't find Pocket Watches to browse here. If you're looking for Pocket Watches, you can click through any of the Amazon links on this page to browse. In the mean time, you have another choice to make: Traditional or Digital Watch?

These days, most people use their cellular phones to check the time, making watches obsolete to begin with: However, it's come to my attention that many young people are unable to tell the time on a traditional clock face. I therefore advise knowing that your man can read time before choosing what kind of timepiece to purchase for him.

If he can tell time on a traditional watch face, I strongly recommend a traditional watch. They are more elegant and attractive and while occasionally less practical, give a refined appearance to nearly any watch (while a digital face can detract from the refinement of even the nicest of watch bands).

What to Look for when Buying a Watch

Digital Watches for Active Men!

When to Choose a Digital Watch for your Gift

In some cases, you may wish to choose a digital watch to give to your recipient. If he cannot tell time on a traditional watch face, a digital watch may be more practical, since the purpose of the watch is to help him to keep track of time. Additionally, digital watches occasionally include features such as stop watches, timers and alarms. These features may be helpful for someone who often loses track of time.

Here are some reasons you might want to choose a digital watch instead of a traditional watch:

  • Your man can't tell time. While you should never use this to shame your boyfriend or husband, not everyone can tell time. It's a dying skill now that it's not being taught in school the way that it once was. With cell phones taking over the time-telling business, the ability to tell time isn't an imperative the way that it once was.
  • He's highly active. If your man is inclined to cracking the faces of traditional timepieces, it may be time to look into a digital watch, since they are generally tougher. If you're purchasing a watch purely for practicality and not for fashion, consider a digital watch instead of a traditional watch.
  • He needs the extra features. Some men may have reasons to use and need the additional features that sometimes come with digital watches. If your husband or boyfriend needs something that will include an alarm or stopwatch, this is ideal for him. A good, practical watch can be a life saver!

Remember when choosing a digital watch that they are more practical and less fashionable (in general) than traditional watches. The selections you can find at the right are both practical and fashionable!

Digital watches are practical choices for active men.
Digital watches are practical choices for active men. | Source
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Rubber Band
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Watches give you a lot of choices!
Watches give you a lot of choices! | Source
G-Shock X-Large Combi GA110 Black/Rose Gold
G-Shock X-Large Combi GA110 Black/Rose Gold
This handsome watch comes with a 4.5 star rating on Amazon!
Casio Men's GW3000B-1ACR G-Shock Solar Power Black With Orange Dial Watch
Casio Men's GW3000B-1ACR G-Shock Solar Power Black With Orange Dial Watch
This handsome choice is a bit on the pricier side, but features a 4.5 Amazon customer rating and luminous hands to help you tell time!

Traditional Watches are Fashionable Choices!

In most cases, I recommend purchasing a traditional watch for the man in your life. They are generally more fashionable and longer-lived than digital watches. In many cases the movements have been made visible in the face. Taking into consideration the advice that I gave above regarding digital watch choices, I'd like to help you to choose the best traditional watch for the man in your life.

The band is going to be one of the most important features for your watch (see the table above).

Choose a rubber watch band for your gift if:

  • Your man is highly active and needs a watch band that will move with him.
  • Your man prefers something that is very practical and not particularly fashionable.
  • Your man needs something that is waterproof and won't rust or rot.

Choose a metal watch band for your gift if:

  • Your man often wears suit and tie (as they are more fashionable).
  • Your man needs a highly adjustable option to fit his wrist.
  • Your man prefers non-animal options.

Choose a leather watch band for your gift if:

  • Your man needs a practical option.
  • Your man wears fashionable casual.
  • Your man is active.
  • Your man needs an adjustable option.

Do you prefer Traditional or Digital Watches?

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Whatever You Choose, a Watch Makes a Great Gift!

Men often enjoy practical gifts, and a wrist watch certainly fits the description of a practical gift! Your man is sure to enjoy a wrist watch from the affordable selections on this page, but feel free to shop around for the perfect wrist watch for the man in your life! Whether he's an athlete or a businessman, he's sure to get some good use out of a timepiece chosen especially for him by somebody special.

And remember, it's not just husbands or boyfriends! Fathers, brothers, uncles and mailmen enjoy watches as well!


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