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African American Blonde Highlights

Updated on March 8, 2014

Blonde highlights on African American hair, weaves, and wigs are some of the most fun looks you can wear. In this hub we feature pictures of blonde highlights on African American celebrities Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Rihanna, Sherri Sheperd, and Ashanti.

While not all black women are comfortable wearing blonde hair, highlights allow you to experiment with the color while still keeping the darker hair you were born with. In addition, highlights can be a stepping stone to a more all-over blonde look, if you dare!

Blonde highlights on African American hair.
Blonde highlights on African American hair.
Blonde Highlights for black women.
Blonde Highlights for black women.
African American blonde highlights.
African American blonde highlights.
Sherri Sheperd. African American blonde highlights.
Sherri Sheperd. African American blonde highlights.

Mary J. Blige (right)

Blige has blonde highlights on African American hair. She is wearing a combination of light blonde, medium brown, and dark brown colors.

This is a professional dye job and a color specialist is your best bet for recreating a look like this.

This look is great for parties and nights at the club -- it's all about fun.

Whitney Houston (right)

This is one of the most beautiful looks Houston ever wore. She has brown hair with light blonde highlights weaved throughout her medium-length curly style.

She has thicker highlights around the crown of her head which make her look even blonder.

Ashanti (right)

Ashanti's highlights are sexy and eye-catching. She wears long black hair with long, thick blond streaks placed sparingly throughout her mane.

This is a different way of wearing African American blonde highlights because the highlights are so starkly set out from the black and because the style is so long.

Rihanna (right)

Rihanna's fun hair color look is one that can be recreated on natural hair at home if done with care. Rihanna has jet black hair with pale blonde streaks.

This style also gives her the illusion of having longer hair because her bangs cover a lot of space around her face.

Sherri Sheperd (right)

Sheperd's hairstyle is truly fun to wear. It is full of Shirley Temple-style curls and has three different colors in it: black, medium brown, and blonde.

The blonde is concentrated mostly on the right side of her face along the side with her bangs.

Sherri is rarely seen without all-black hair, so it was great to see her make this color change.

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