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Afro's and Afro American HairStyles

Updated on August 4, 2011

Afro Hairstyles

What is the first thing people associate with Afro Hairstyles? for me it takes me on a trip back in time to the nineteen seventies, although I wasn't yet born, I have quite a deep knowledge learned from movies and books about the style of this generation.

I often think of the film that was released in 1971 called 'Shaft' and I am not talking about the recent 2000 remake with Samuel L Jackson since he doesn't have an Afro in it. Shaft is a black private detective who must search Harlem and other Italian mob neighborhoods to find a kidnapped black mobsters daughter.

The Afro emerged in popularity during the early 60's and 70's when it was seen as a symbol of black pride, a return to natural hairstyles formed from having curly hair and perhaps an association with African hairstyles.

Afro Hairstyles

Afro Hairstyles aren't seen as much today however, I guess they no longer remained socially relevant as a statement and maybe other more stylized hairstyles are preferred. The Afro is a low maintenance hairstyle, it doesn't need cutting often and is kept clean using specialized oils in a way similar to dread locks which are treated with Beeswax.

Photo courtesy of krisandapril

Afro Hair Products

Many famous musicians embraced the Afro hair style also, the most famous you might recognize being 'The Jackson 5', however it is reemerging in trends with rap artists such as 'Questlove' from 'The Roots' and 'Digable Planets' sporting them. I have included a music video below.

With the popularity inspired by musicians, this paved the way for hair products manufacturers to create specialized Afro hair treatments such as the brands 'Doo Grow' that relieve itching and eliminate's dandruff.

There is also a special comb named the 'Ashanti comb' or 'Afro-Master' that allows the user to dig deep and straighten hair from the root, combing it upwards.

Photo courtesy of MichaelJacksonFan

A Ginger Afro!

Thats right folks, even ginger people have been known to have Afros, in fact, I have see many ginger people with dreadlocks also. Perhaps it is a statement of individuality, or because they are sometimes bullied by ignorant people but this hairstyle may also be seen as a form of 'Ginger-pride', they want it to be prominent even if it appears eccentric to many of us onlookers.

I even found a domain called but sadly there was no information on the site, just a landing page that said 'Ginger Afro - A site dedicated to the greatest hairstyle known to man'.

Photo courtesy of salty_soul


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