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Ageing the leather jackets; a simple guide

Updated on August 5, 2010

Leather jackets are considered as an iconic addition to leather fashion apparel industry. They have also satisfied their customers by their reliability and extreme stylishness. When you buy leather jackets can have a long lasting peace of mind as leather jackets wont torn out at least 6-7 years and will stay alive in style sense for at least 4-5 years.

Leather jackets are all about a sturdy look. It adds roughness to your outlook and roughness to your personality. It looks sturdier when it is kept in use for a long time. The older the leather jackets get the rougher they look. Obviously you can’t go and buy already aged leather jackets as you might get an old one in the price of new one. However, you can age you leather jackets quicker by yourself. Yes it is true that leather jackets can be aged right at your home without spending any time to neither wait for them to age by themselves nor need you to spend money to buy chemicals that will create the ageing effect.

If you could just follow the guidelines I am providing here you will able to age you leather jackets in an excellent way. The easiest way to age your leather jackets is to sleep in them. Yes, don’t take your leather jackets off when you fall asleep. This will causes weight distribution to different parts of leather jackets and will ultimately cause wrinkles on their surface. Just like wrinkles add ageing effect on human skin similarly they will make your leather jackets give an aged look. You can even try to put your leather jackets in a dryer with a pair of shoes and give them few rounds together and let the shoes do their job assure that you have the heat setting turned off in your dryer while you are trying to age your leather jackets by this way. You should never apply any sort of heat in it and you can check whether it’s working and with what progress it’s working.

You can even try fading the color of your leather jackets by rubbing very fine sandpaper on usual wear places of the leather jackets you can even apply conditioner to soften the leather from these spots. This will give an effect that to others it will seem like the color faded because of excessive wearing.

There are a lot of ways to make your leather jackets look used heavily and thus aged. It is always good if you try saving money and time. Try ageing your leather jackets at home right now believe me it will be prove to be a very good experience for you. You can even try to make money from this by making others leather jackets aged as well. As there will be many like you who want their leather jackets to look rugged. You can try different patterning while fading the color off your leather jackets and thus you can start your very own custom leather jackets business all you need to do is first impress others so that they are attracted towards what you are wearing and they will certainly ask that where you got that from, that will be the time from which you can actually market your leather jackets and earn good amount of money.


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    • profile image

      the mad monk 3 years ago

      @ion: nature of the beast mate. nowt you can do about it.

    • profile image

      Ion 4 years ago

      How to make them less noisy? Mine squeaks, and this is one of the reasons I dislike wearing it. I don't mind it being heavy, but evry single move I make, the jacket makes a sound.