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Aggressive Bold Hellz Bellz

Updated on August 5, 2013

Hellz Bellz is a ladies only club. This company is based in downtown Los Angeles. Hellz Bellz is known for its street fashion that is inspired by young rebels of the current era. Hellz Bellz is a youth-culture brand that is geared toward the female fashion.

The latest collection of Hellz Bellz focuses more on tees then anything. They create and recreate old shapes and styles while introducing them with a modern touch. Hellz Belz is not for the timid, shy girls. For those who do not want to be the center of attention this is not the clothing brand for you.

Hellz Bellz, orginated in 2005. They have been producing alternative fashion for young teen girls with a individualist attitude. That is just what Lanie Barcena, the creative director was going for. If you are looking for clothes with a lot of spunk then Hellz Bellz collection is the right for you.

BOTB clothing line

Hellz Bellz new clothing lines are BOTB. BOTB is designed by the best creative director Lanie Alananza-Barcena. It has a selection of women’s clothes that represents the combination of contrasting elements that combine perfectly for an amazing piece of clothing that is made to stand out in the crowd.

BOTB is known for its emphasis on aggressive but feminine designs made especially for woman. It is made for woman who hate to be bound to traditional clothing designs and want to smething to help stand out in a big crowd. BOTB celebrates the diversity and individuality of women who has a sense of fashion. Especially women who love fierce, bold, straightforward designs with crazy bold colors that wow any crowd you are standing in.

Lanie Alabanza-Barcena

The Hellz Bellz site does not look like it has updated since adding the winter season clothes; however, the pre-spring pieces will be available for purchases until the end of February. The collection was inspired by the popular movie Black Swan.

Lanie Alabanza-Barcena, was the founder of Hellz Bellz in 2005. Hellz Bellz has been exposed to the max in the blogosphere due to promote this unique clothing line into something that is very well known.

Lanie Barcena was born in San Diego and lived there as she was growing up. Then she decided to move to New York City to pursue her creative dreams that she had as a young child. She did land a art director gig at Jay-Z’s very own clothing label, Rocawear, but her own designs were not a big hit with where they were going with their clothes.

Since it did not work out at Rocawear, Barcena decided that she had enough of her own sketches and decided it was time to make her own clothing line. That is how Hellz Bellz came to be. As of today, her clothes can be found throughout the United States, Asia, and Australia.

If you like edgy, bold, crazy clothes within your style, tehn Hellz Bellz is the clothes for you. They will allow you to show your individualistic side while having a fierce, aggressive style that will pop out in any crowd.


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