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All About Chelsea Charms

Updated on November 4, 2011

A lot of unusual body modifications exist, but some are so extreme that they turn heads. In the case of Chelsea Charms, is is hard not to notice - or stare. Because of her large breasts, Chelsea makes a statement everywhere she goes. While unusual, her large chest does garner her a great deal of attention.

Chelsea Charms has unusually large breasts.
Chelsea Charms has unusually large breasts.
Chelsea Charms claims to have size 153XXX breasts.
Chelsea Charms claims to have size 153XXX breasts.
Chelsea Charms getting ready to perform.
Chelsea Charms getting ready to perform.

Chelsea Charms rose in the public eye after an appearance on "This Morning" with Philip Schofield and Ruth Langsford. Over 4,000 comments were generated on the "This Morning" Facebook page after the world caught a glimpse of her unusual chest. During the interview, Chelsea was questioned about her chest. As a model and exotic dancer, Ms. Charms decided that breast augmentation was the key to launching her career.

The 35 year old had the switch polypropylene string, now illegal. These type of implant continuously grows without stop, so the breast implant can swell up to large proportions. This implant irritates pockets within the breasts. This irritation causes fluid to be produced, which in turn is absorbed into the implant, making them larger over time. If the fluid is not extracted, there is virtually no limit to how large the breasts may grow.

According to Chelsea, her bra size is 153XXX and each breast weighs around 26 pounds.

Being a petite woman, standing only 5'2" in height, she has often been asked if she experiences back pain from her enlarged breasts. Her response was that she only feels pain if she does not adhere to a strict exercise regimen. Even so, she still has trouble. Her two breasts, dubbed 'Itsy and Bitsy' by her, cause some stress in her daily life. She says she has trouble getting comfortable while sleeping and, at times, eating.

While you may think nobody could rival her in chest size, another erotic dancer has her beat. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Maxi Mounds is currently the world record holder for the largest breasts.


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