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All About Hair Tattooing and Hair Simulation

Updated on July 4, 2013

Hair loss is frustrating!

The three main causes for hair loss in men and women are stress, improper hair care routine and genetic/heritable factors (male-pattern baldness). The amount of hair lost and its treatment may vary for every individual but it is absolutely normal to lose about 50-100 hair every day.

Most of us are addicted to a bad lifestyle which is another cause for hair related problems. Did you know? Even how you style and care for your hair can cause hair loss. Therefore, you should never cut hair at home and seek the advice of your hairstylist before changing a style or before using a new product.

While each person may have a different reason, the fact is... losing hair is frustrating!

Hair tattooing and hair simulation

Hair tattooing is one of the most popular hair loss prevention techniques that is being used around the world right now. Some people also refer it as ‘hair simulation’, which is a process in which the light spots of the head are filled-in by tattooing.

Several individuals suffering from hair loss problems go for hair transplant but the truth is not all transplants end well, some even leaving scars! Hair tattooing not only helps to cure baldness and prevent thinning hair but it is also a great way of covering up head that may have transplant scars.

Advantages of hair tattooing

1. It recreates the appearance of hair, covers scars and adds density to existing hair.

2. Studies show clients who undergo this treatment experience sudden boost in their confidence and change in lifestyle.

3. It can make you look younger by ten years!

4. It can help to create an artistic hairstyle which may suit really well to those with Afro-American hair.

5. Getting your hair simulated under the guidance of an expert professional can ensure it doesn’t result in side-effects or cause unwanted effects like itching and infection.

How to perform hair tattooing

Here’s a hair tattoo tutorial in which Cheryl Rosenblum demonstrates how hair tattooing is done on a client’s head. An expert in performing this treatment, she also advises about the pre and post treatment care.


Several men and women suffer from thinning hair, baldness, deep receding hairline and sudden hair loss at various stages in their life. Hair tattooing and hair simulation can be a great way to tackle these problems.

If you’re a hairstylist who gets asked by your clients about hair loss prevention techniques, you can recommend this treatment to them, because hair loss is not a permanent problem!


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