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All About Purchasing Leather Belts for Men as Gifts

Updated on June 6, 2016

I have almost 50 pairs of belts, and all of them are of different designs. My passion for belts started when I was only sixteen. Today, at the age of thirty-five, I have a separate cabinet for my favorite accessories, and I enjoy flaunting my collection among my friends. It feels awesome to have a collection that is out of the box, and I love each of the fashionable belts I own.

From online to local shops, I don't mind hunting for them and spend a few dollars on buying my favorite fashion accessories. I feel that everyone should buy things that they like because life is short and we must enjoy every bit of our life by spending money on something that offers pleasure.

That is why I keep on buying these fantastic accessories so that my passion for buying belts grows with every purchase than fading off with time.

When the emergence of belts was seen, they were used as the accessory to hold up trousers, but now belts are an integral inclusion in the domain of fashionable accessories for both women and men. The market is flooded with leather belts for men and dress belt for females. Buying a belt might seem very simple but choosing the one that rightly suits your personality and style is a challenge indeed! No doubt that markets these days are flooded with endless variety, but to pick the right belt must be the topmost aim of every buyer looking for these accessories. So what are you waiting for? You have the complete right to pick a good product for yourself, and this article will serve as a guide for you.

Guidelines on How to Pick a Right Belt?

With the following guidelines, you will be able to buy the right belt -

  • Size – Check the size carefully as that will give a proper proportion to the body. If you are buying it as gifts for men, make sure that you know the size of the wearer. The length of the belt has to be longer than the waistline of the wearer. The size details are always mentioned on the tag of the belts; in the case of any confusion, clarify it with the storekeeper and then buy. Belts can also be of different widths – ones with less than 2 inches width is for formal suits, while broader ones are best for casual clothes.
  • Buckles – This is an important point to note while you are buying belts. Buckles are actually the most attractive part of a belt. When you are on with formal wear, the narrow and flat buckle is the most suitable ones. In the case of casual outfits, the big sized buckles are always the best choice. Buckles showcase your versatile style so choosing a slide belt with the right type of buckle is important.
  • Brands – Belts are produced and sold by many reputed brands; leather belts were once a buy only for rich people. However now belts are found in all price ranges, and the designer leather belts are there for the premium users who make a social status out of it. With limited budgets, you can buy the replica designer belts too.

Belts are considered as an important part of clothing, especially for men. Apart from its primary purpose to hold up the lower garment, it is also used widely for its aesthetic value. While women use belts to accentuate their waist or hips, men mainly use to keep the attires in proper position and also to showcase it as a fashion accessory. There are various types of belts, some with holes and some without holes known as Ratchet belts. These can be adjusted easily, and you just need it to get it auto-buckled. Similarly is the design of the mission belts, which go well with formal suits.

Belts are made from different materials – leather being the most popular material; nowadays you also get plastic, synthetic leather, rubber, woven textile, canvas, indigenous material, metals and beads as belt material. Each of these has their own merits and aesthetic appeal. However, leather belts are undoubtedly still those classic pieces that never lose its charm. It is a pliable and durable material but can grow molds and mildew over a period. It can also be prevented with proper care and maintenance.


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