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All About the Pink Wedding Dress

Updated on November 14, 2010

Many women dream of their fairy tale wedding – the dresses, the reception, the flowers, and the man, of course! While many go the traditional route – white dress and all – many women look to go with an untraditional flair with many parts of their wedding, dress included. Some even look for a pink wedding dress! This article will describe the history of wedding dresses, the newer, untraditional choices, and the ways and wherefores of obtaining pink wedding dresses.

The History of the Wedding Dress

What women have worn to their weddings has changed over time with social standards and with standards of fashion. For centuries, what a woman wore, in terms of colors and fabric and “richness,” was meant to be a reflection of her and her family’s social status. Over time, this overt meaning for the dress has faded, though of course there is still some of this displayed opulence in the options available for women. Before 1840, many colors and styles were popular; but it was only after 1840 that white became the standard color of many wedding dresses (though white can mean many different colors: ivory, eggshell, cream, etc.).

Pink and white wedding dress styles change with the fashion of the times. Through the 1900s many different styles became more and less popular as the fashion standards shifted; after 1930, many dresses were based on Victorian styles. Today, the more traditional wedding dresses are still popular, but more untraditional options have become popular as non-traditional, late, and multiple (i.e. second and third) weddings have became more common.

The Pink Wedding Dress

With the changing times came a loosening of tradition as the colors of the rainbow have been used to hue wedding dresses. That white is supposed to represent purity or virginity is actually a myth. In actuality, the white dress is more connected to the white gowns and clothes worn by women and clergy in the Catholic tradition (such as for baptisms, communions, etc.). By 1900 it had become “well-known” that white had always been the color of wedding dresses; however, this was a relatively new invention, and those who needed practical dresses continued to wear gowns of many different colors, materials, and styles. It should be no surprise, however, that many women have decided to forgo this rather “manufactured” tradition and choose other options, such as a hot pink wedding dress! Because the wedding is often focused on the bride, there is no need to be bound to tradition for no reason. Instead, a bride should feel free to express herself and her individuality. Pink is a favorite color of many, and expresses a romantic and sweet quality that other colors do not. It is synonymous in many ways with the “fairy tale” or “princess” wedding that so many women desire. Of all the non-white colors, pink is becoming the most popular and common.

Where to Find Pink Wedding Dresses

There are many places to find a pink wedding dress, either online or in brick and mortar establishments. One way to obtain a dress is to order one that comes specifically in pink. This will make the process easy, as there will have to be little customization. These dresses can be ordered in many different styles, lengths, and cuts. Many specialty dealers, especially on the internet, will show these options available (including other colors besides white and pink).

Another option is to order a more traditional “white” dress and have it colored pink. This obviously adds a layer of complexity to the order, as you’ll have to ensure that the dress dealer or manufacturer can do the dyeing and do so for a fair price. Just because the dress appears white in a photo or on a mannequin doesn’t mean that it can’t be colored to order.

One further option is to buy a “used” pink wedding dress. While some women prefer to have a new dress, buying used is a great way to find a high quality dress for a great price – and you can be sure it has really only been worn once! These used dresses can be found through dealers or through online auction sites (such as Ebay). You’ll want to make sure that you like the style of dress before you buy it online, however, as you probably won’t get a chance to try it on before you buy it!

Just like white has many different shades, so does pink. Make sure you look at the many different colors available in the shade, from lighter, more subdued pinks to blazing “hot” pink. The lighter pinks are usually pastel based, and are often not very radical, while the more crazy pinks can be a bit out there. Make sure you clarify what kind of statement you want to make with your pink wedding gown.

Another option is to buy a white wedding dress with pink highlights, such as a sash, beading, or other details. This will allow you to incorporate your favorite color into your dress while also incorporating a more traditional flair into your special day.

When making your color decisions, you’ll want to think about what colors go with your pink wedding dress. What will your bridesmaids wear? What will the color scheme of your flowers and other decorations look like? Certain colors go better than others, so you’ll want to mix and match to find what you like the best.

For more information about unique wedding ideas (like beach weddings or corset wedding dresses), see these hubs about finding the best reception hall or wedding planner book. Here is a video that may help give you some ideas!


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    • daisygreen profile image

      daisygreen 7 years ago from China

      Nice hub, and I am Chinese and going to wear red wedding Cheongsam dress for my wedding.

    • hospitalera profile image

      hospitalera 7 years ago

      I married in a orangy-pinky dress, for the simple reason that I thought it ridiculous to marry in white being nearly 40 ;-) SY