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Aloe Vera-Skin Health, and Injury Remedy

Updated on June 3, 2011

A Cactus-like Plant

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

Nature's Way is Sometimes the Best

Aloe Vera is a cactus like plant that comes from the plant, ready to use. All there is to is is to cut the plant at the bottom near the ground, from one of the outside thick leaves, then squeeze the juice out of it. It is not only good for the plant for it keeps it trimmed, therefore causing it to grow new shoots from the center of the plant, keeping it growing and healthy.

Aloe Vera is extremely easy to grow, indoors or out. It is one of those plants that are very hard to kill, unless you overwater it.

The gel-like contents of the leaves from the Aloe Vera leaves can be found in a variety of products already on the shelves of stores. It can be found in everything from shampoo and conditioners, to athletes foot medicines, make up, hand and body lotions, and can be used straight from the plant for sunburns, stove burns, minor cuts and abrasions, as a first aid lotion, or for just about any sort of minor skin ailments you can think of.

As far as being convienient, it is one of the rarest cures that can be used just as it comes from the plant, without having to worry about processing or having anything added to it, or needing anything done to it.

Although it has not yet been approved by the FDA, it can be found in such a long varied list of medices from cancer,exyma, and it's uses for external skin conditions are simply vast.

It has been produced another way, and that is the leftover parts of the plant have been put into a pot of water and boiled, thus removing any and all substances left in the cactus. It is then dried into a powder like substance, and has been proved not only much less effective than straight from the plan, but has actually been proved to be mildly toxic.

In about 2005 researchers found that if rubbed on fruit in a thin layer it serves as a preservative. When consumed, it has internal values and uses such as getting and maintaining regularity, and when eaten regularly is said to give a person a great energy boost. Even though this is true, the reason you cannot yet find Aloe Vera teas on the shelf, the FDA has only approved its sale in cream and lotion form, and can only then be sold publicly in that form. Aloe Vera is completely edible, and it has been said that the FDA may approve it for sale in teas and other forms, very soon.

I hope that this has helped you decide and give consideration to trying this plant, maybe buy one for you home and take advantage of its wonderful uses and its effect on your first aid needs. In a world that is so full of cost, it is refreshing to find something that you can have, grow, and use for free anytime you need it, and it is one of the best that you can find when comparing it to other options. It is not very expensive a plant either. In fact, I could not find one thing about it that I did not like, and that is hard to find in this world.


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  • youraloeforever profile image


    6 years ago

    Great article! Aloe vera certainly has incredible benefits both externally, but did you know that it has amazing benefits internally too? Top 10 Reasons to Drink Aloe Vera:

  • puddingicecream profile image


    7 years ago from United States

    Thanks for sharing this. Aloe vera is a great remedy that is often overlooked. It's especially great for the skin!


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