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Alternative Medicine Pelotherapy Using Clay For Skin Care And Detoxification

Updated on June 19, 2009

Clay, The Earth's Healing Colors

The Healing Colors Of The Earth by fairday
The Healing Colors Of The Earth by fairday

The Clay Facial Mask

The Clay Facial Mask by fairday
The Clay Facial Mask by fairday

How To Use Clay For Face And Body Treatments

Pelotherapy is an very old treatment for detoxification of the skin. Clay is very absorptive and can absorb up to 200 times itself of water. Clay promotes circulation to the areas on which it is applied. It can be applied as a wet paste, added to a mask facial or a bath.

1. Clay Facial: When a thick clay facial is desired to deep cleanse normal to oily skin, blend 1/2 cup of the clay with 1 teaspoon vegetable oil. Add enough distilled water to give the mixture a creamy paste texture. Add the liquid in small amounts and mix well until you reach the desired texture. You can steep a cup of green tea and use some of the brewed tea in place of the distilled water.

Let the clay mixture absorb the water for 1/2 hour to an hour before using. Apply the clay so that it is 1/2" inch thick on the face. You need a spray bottle of water nearby to mist the clay mask to prevent it from drying. The thickness of the mask ensures that the mask moisturizes as it cleans the skin. A clay mask that is allowed to dry will have been too strong for the face or neck. All the natural skin oils will have been drawn out of the skin, leaving the skin with a dry appearance.

Leave the moist, thick clay mask on for ten to fifteen minutes. Spray the mask when you see it setting or drying. Afterwards, wipe away the clay paste carefully and rinse with cool water to remove the clay residue. Apply a moisturizer. Do not dispose of the clay in the sink, it could clog the pipes as it settles in a lump.

Clay Is Great In A Bath Of Many Sizes

The Fabulous Clay Foot Bath by fairday
The Fabulous Clay Foot Bath by fairday

The Bath With Clay

2. Clay Baths: You can ease pain and detoxify the body with clay baths. The ratio should be 1 part clay to between 10 - 20 parts water. There should be enough clay in the water for the detoxifying effects to you. You can have a clay bath for your hands, feet or body.

Let The Clay Work By Soaking Awhile

Just add tepid to cool water to the clay. Soak your feet, hands or body for between 20 minutes to 1 hour. Wipe away the clay and rinse off with warm or cool water. Since a clay bath has such drawing effects, it will remove the natural oils on the skin, which must be replaced. Use an oil or a moisturizing cream to do so. Do not allow the clay to go down the drain, you must remove it after the bath and dispose of it otherwise.

Exfoliate Before Clay Bath

For the best effects, you can exfoliate the skin before using a clay bath. Just perform a simple and gentle scrub on the area of skin that will be soaked. You can make a suitable scrub with 1 tablespoon white sugar, finely ground sea salt or ground oatmeal with 2 tablespoons vegetable oil. Avoid using this scrub or any oily product on the bottom of your feet to prevent creating slippery soles of the feet. Wipe and rinse away scrub residue before using the clay bath.

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