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Best Aztec Tattoo Designs

Updated on May 7, 2014

PreHispanic Images

There was a rich variety of art in the Aztec empire The drawings of the gods were often sharp and angular, brightly coloured. Aztec tattoos were symbolic of the Aztec devotion to their gods and religious belief . Art in the Aztec empire, like its culture and religion, came from a long history .Nowadays people choose Aztec tattoo designs to pay respect to the ancient and powerful culture of the Aztec.

Aztec Calendar Tattoo

Best Aztec Calendar Tattoo
Best Aztec Calendar Tattoo | Source
Aztec Calendar Tattoo Design
Aztec Calendar Tattoo Design | Source

The tonalpohualli Tattoo

Stories and myths were commonly written in pictures and represented in sculptures, giving more opportunity for art. A colored rendition of the Sun Stone, or the Stone of Axayacatl. Depicts the 20 daysigns around the Sun God. the calendar system that was used by the Aztecs as well as other PreColumbian peoples of central America. The tonalpohualli, or day-count, has been called a sacred calendar because its main purpose is that of a divinatory tool. It divides the days and rituals between the gods.

Aztec Mayan Inca Mesoamerican Tattoo Designs

Aztec Sun Taatto Art
Aztec Sun Taatto Art | Source

Aztec Sun Tattoo

Mexican and Mesoamerican style tattoos are among the most beautiful and original new tattoos designs today. Many people with Aztec roots get Aztec tattoos in order to pay homage to their heritage, the most favorite representation for tattoos is the Aztec Sun Tattoo. The sun was very important to the Aztec people, it was the guardian of the heavens. That's why today, an Aztec sun tattoo symbolizes belief in an afterlife.

Aztec Sun Tattoo Dsign
Aztec Sun Tattoo Dsign | Source

Aztec Tattoo

The Aztecs were a civilization that lived from the 13th to the 16th century in and around the area that is now called Mexico. Religion and the many gods were very important in the Aztec culture, a lot of the daily life of the Aztecs was meant to honor and please the gods.

Art could be made with gold, silver, copper, jewels, feathers, coral, clay and stone, to name a few. As mentioned before, many of materials were not native to the region, but had to be bartered fo

Tattoo Aztec Warrior Spirit

Tattoo Aztec Warrior Spirit
Tattoo Aztec Warrior Spirit | Source
aztec tattoo design
aztec tattoo design | Source

Aztec Spirit Tattoo

Ancient Aztec art was actually very lifelike. Many of their artistic representations of people, as well as animals, look amazingly realistic. The art looks full of life, reflects the people's passion to avoid death and disaster, and then to conquer even that if it came.



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