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Amazing DIY Skin Care

Updated on March 29, 2015

My Skin Drama

When I was a teen, I suffered from terrible acne. I tried every over the counter medicine and nothing worked. My mom finally took me to the dermatologist where I was given a strong serum that cleared my acne, but gave me a terrible chemical burn. My face was always red, puffy and itchy. Later, in my late twenties, an amazing dermatologist realized that I am actually allergic to benzoyle peroxide, a chemical that is used in nearly ever acne treating soap, cream and moisturizer.

I immediately stopped with acne medications and just started washing my face with water, and a washcloth. Instead of an acne cream at night, I used grape seed oil which not only moisturizes but also treats acne! Suddenly, my skin came back to it's normal color, the puffiness went away and I DIDN'T HAVE ANYMORE ACNE!!! Where was that doctor when I was a teenager!? I could have had a date to prom!

Anyway, now that I am 30, I am beginning to see those dreaded lines around my eyes and forehead. I started doing tons of research on natural remedies to keep those lines at bay and I think I have figured it out! I hope this helps you too! Try the mask especially and post your before and after pics! I would love to see how this works for you!

Let's Get Started

First, let's get everything ready. We will be making two things:

1. A Rice Water Toner

2. Turmeric Facemask

You will also need Grape Seed Oil.

Rice Water Toner:


1/2 Cup Rice (Preferably organic. Brown rice works, long grain, medium grain...whatever you have, get it out. It's about to rock your world).

Filtered Water (I used about 1- 1 1/2 cups. You just need enough to cover the rice completely)


1.Pour the rice in a clean container (you will use this same water for a week so make sure you use a container with a lid that you can keep in your refrigerator).

2.Rinse the rice with some water one or two times.

3.Now, take your filtered water, pour it over the rice.

4.Place the lid on the container and give that rice and filtered water a good shake.

5. Put it in the fridge. Wait 15 minutes, then look at it. See how cloudy the water is? That's the good stuff, that's what you want.

6. Separate the rice from the water. You can cook the rice now! Don't throw it away! Keep the rice water in the container.

Now, while that's in the fridge, let's make a face mask!

Face Mask:

(use your own measurements depending on how much you want to make)


A little honey

A little Greek Yogurt (unflavored)

A little coconut oil

Turmeric (You want to use enough turmeric that the mask is a bright, vibrant yellow)


1. Mix all of these ingredients together.

2. This will keep in the refrigerator for about a week. I usually make extra so that I can use it three times in a week.

Rice Water Toner. Magic!
Rice Water Toner. Magic!
Turmeric Mask. Be careful! It will stain clothing! It will not stain skin :)
Turmeric Mask. Be careful! It will stain clothing! It will not stain skin :)

Benefits of these Ingredients

What's in it
What it does
Rice Water
Has Antioxidants, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E
It can prevent or fade age spots, ease inflammation for healthy, better moisturized and clear skin
Antiseptic and Anitbacterial Properties
Prevents and removes acne, Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, Fades dark circles and age spots
Greek Yogurt
Zinc, Lactic Acid, Calcium, B Vitamins
Tones skin, relieves acne, Moisturizes, Encourages Skin Renewal, Exfoliates, Keeps Skin Glowing
Antibacterial properties, Antioxidants
Treats and prevents acne, Slows down aging, Moisturizes
Coconut Oil
Saturated Fats, Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Proteins
Moisturizes, Disinfects, Encourages Skin Renewal and Growth, Prevents Premature Aging, Rejuvenates Skin

Let's Get to Work

1. Before I apply the mask, I like to take a clean washcloth and with cool water, gently rub my face in little circles. This exfoliates and cleanses at the same time.

2. Using your fingers (clean fingers!), spread the turmeric concoction all over your face. Turmeric is also great for lightening under eye circles so make sure you cover your entire eye area. Once you have a nice layer on your face you will look like a Simpson. Don't worry, it won't stain your skin BUT it will stain clothing, so be careful.

3. Now, just let it dry. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

4. Once it's dry, carefully remove by splashing cool water on your face. You may need to use your handy dandy washcloth again to get rid of every trace of yellow.

5. Remember that rice water in the fridge? Go get it, girl. And grab some cotton balls too.

6. Dunk a cotton ball into the rice water and gently rub it all over your face. Your face should be slightly wet when you're done.

7. Now, let this dry on your skin. Don't use a towel and wipe it off, just let it dry. You should feel your skin start to tighten a little and when you touch your face because you're getting curious, it will feel so smooth and so silky that you'll want to jump through this computer and hug me.

8. Once the rice water has dried, massage a bit of grape seed oil into your face. Massage is so good for your skin!

9. Now, look at yourself. You're so beautiful!

I like to use the rice water as a toner daily. The mask I do 2-3 times per week. I use grape seed oil every night before I go to bed and I use a good moisturizer with SPF in the morning.

I truly, truly hope this works for you! Comment below and let me know what you think!


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