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Amazing Way To Make Curly Hair Go From Scary to Wow!!!

Updated on June 6, 2014

My Trek in Finding the Right Curl Taming Recipe

Since I was a small child, I have fought the "Battle of the Poof". As a child, my mother insisted on keeping my hair short. This was the biggest mistake for a child with hair as thick and curly as mine. I hated it. Every time it was the least bit humid, It looked like I had an afro straight out of a 1970's music video. This battle continues today. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you might find some helpful hints that will help you with your "Battle of the Poof" in the future.

Tired of Your Frizzy Hair?


You Can Win Your "Battle of the Poof" With These Easy Steps

1. Learn to embrace your natural curls. Why? When you learn to just except what your mama gave ya, your hair will be much easier to style. Chances are that you will probably even look better with a natural do.

2. Do not use any hair styling appliances on your hair that apply a lot of heat, such as curling irons or flat irons. You may use hair dryers but do not dry your hair all the way. When you use too much heat on your hair, you cause damage. You do not want this, especially if you are growing your hair out, because the more your hair is damaged, the more the stylist will cut off when it is time for a trim.

3. After washing your hair, be sure to just pat your hair dry, do not scrub. When scrubbing your hair, you will cause unwanted frizz, which will make your hair harder to tame.

4. When styling your hair, try not to use products such as mousse that will make your hair crunchy. If you want to create soft curls that are easy to run your hands through, be sure to use light hold gel or texturizing spray. Be sure to not apply product to the roots because this will make hair look unclean, dull, and flat. Your natural oils will be sufficient to moisturize close to the scalp.

5. After applying the product, turn your head over and use your fingers to scrunch handfuls of hair to your scalp to create curls that are natural looking without being frizzy. You can either dry your hair naturally, or if you are in a hurry, use a diffuser with your hair dryer on a low setting, again, with your head turned over. Your hair might be pretty big at first, but will lay down over time.

From Frizzy to Silky


Easy At Home Hair Treatment for Frizzy Hair

DIY Hair Treatment

I have been looking for hair treatments for frizzy hair that I can do myself. I found this video on This one really works! All of the ingredients can be found at any grocery store or you may even already have them in your pantry!

The Hair You Have Always Wanted!



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