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An At-Home Manicure

Updated on August 28, 2012

Why at home?

Having nice nails is a sign of a woman who has it together. She has time to enjoy herself, respects beauty, and knows how to take care of herself. However, in today's economy, we are cracking down on our expences. It is sad to say that it cost a lot of money to keep up with our nails, hair, and skin.

Some women get their nails done once a week for $6. Imagine spending this amount every week for an entire year which would add up to $312. You can pay for a community college course, have two spa days, buy a Kindle Fire. Instead of spending this money on your nails, you can do your nails at home and spend the money elsewhere.

1. Remove the old polish by using nail polish remover with some cotton. Clean off as much as you can for the new color to be flat with fewer flaws.

2. File the nails while they are dry. They will be in better shape if you file them at this point.

3. Soak the hand, for the nails and cuticles, in a bowl of warm water mixed with either lotion or olive oil.

4. After 10 minutes of soaking, dry off and apply cuticle cream or lotion.

5. Gently ease cuticules back by making tiny circles on the cuticles with Q-tips.

6. Rub the cutiles with a warm, damp washcloth in the same circular motion.

7. Apply a basecoat. This holds the polish in place and can make your nail stronger.

8. Sweep on the polish in three strokes, from the base to the tip.

9. Wait two minutes between each coat of color, or until dry. The number of coats depends on the polish.

10. Finish the topcoat and wait until dry.

11. Touch up any polish mistakes after the nails are dry.

12. Add decorations if desired. If you wanted different colors, try layering.

13. Put a covering coat to protect the color and give the manicure a longer life.

14. Clean any mess ups on the sides with a wooden stick covered in cotton dipped in nail polish remover. This way you have a better reach into the nooks and cranies instead of a Q-tip.


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