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T3 Hair Dryers Vs. Chi Hair Dryer

Updated on March 30, 2011

Ionic Hair Dryers

Okay remember my hair dryer is old. So don’t laugh when I talk about the new technology because it's definitely new to me. So I started noticing new terms like Ionic, Ceramic and Tourmaline. What does all these mean and why does it mater in a hair dryer? Will they give me they wild blown experience like my daughter’s hair dryer(hers isn't as new fad as these) or merely dry with intense heat like mine does(I can’t remember if it started out that way or maybe it’s just worn out).

What I found is that the Ionic hair dryers doesn’t just use heat but instead uses positive and negative ions (hence the Ionic name) to shrink the water droplets out of my hair. All though they seem kind of cool, this doesn’t mean much to me. All I want to know is which hair dryer will dry my hair the fastest.

The Ionic hair dryers does take a minute or so less than the traditional hair dryer but the reason people seem to love it is the shine. Many people go own about how shiny their hair is after switching to an Ionic hair dryer. They experience less frizz and are able to use less products in their hair. Who new a hair dryer could make you hair look good? All it ever did for me was leave my hair dry in more ways than one. Now I’m intrigued.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

Now in addition to Ionic hair dryers, the next new technology term I learned is ceramic. I take that back. I have heard of ceramic. I had a ceramic Chi hair straightner but how can the ceramic help with drying my hair?

A ceramic heater replaces the old fashion coils and wires that produced the heat in the older hair dryers. This ceramic will help distribute the heat more evenly so that there is less damage to your hair. In fact it is said to make your hair lighter and softer.

Cost of A New Hair Dryer

Now that I've learned about all the new ways a hair dryer can better my life I have to find one in my budgets. How much will it cost to have the beautiful shiny hair of a movie star? Okay I added that last part on but a girls got to dream. I cannot spend hundreds of dollars on a hair dryer after all I have kids that need to go to college.

I found that as with most products you can spend as little or as much as you want. But how much will you have to sacrifice to buyer a cheaper product. Now that I have myself hyped up about my shiny hair I don't wont to settle for the same old hair dryer.

Cost of the Ionic Tourmalin Hair Dryer

There is Ionic Tourmaline hair dryers as low as $25. A Revlon model got a lot of great reviews about how light the product was and how their hair was shine and soft. A majority of the customers seemed very happy and for that price who can go wrong.

Cost of the T3 Hair Dryers

But then there is the T3 Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic hair dryer that cost around $100. I have not found any reason why the T3 is any better than any other ceramic ionic hair dryer. The reviews were very similar concerning the condition of the hair after drying such as the shine and frizz. Some believe that is you buy a more expensive hair dryer that it will last longer. I know from experience with other hair tools that is not always the case.

Cost of the Chi Hair Dryer

And the last one I check out was the Chi hair dryer. I loved my Chi hair straighter until it stopped working. However my daughter has one which I still love to borrow. I have another straightener but it no way compares to the silkyness of my hair after using the Chi. I would expect the same results from the Chi hair dryer and it does make me lean towards it. The cost is always a factor and the price of a Chi hair dryer can range from $125-$300. This is also a big investment for a product to dry my hair. Cost is probably the reason I have kept my hair dryer for so many years. That and not know that there would be anything better.


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