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An Honest Review of Tummy Tuck Belt

Updated on June 18, 2013

A Seen On TV Product Review

This is a review by someone who actually tried the Tummy Tuck Belt.

I am not usually prone to As Seen On TV products, but I was reeled in by the promise of the Tummy Tuck Belt. I stumbled on the TV infomercial while I was breastfeeding my 4 months old baby, and the postpartum hormones messes with you. I was pondering the possibility of getting a tummy tuck for my post-pregnancy belly when the commercial came on.

It seemed so incredible and yet it was a seductive pitch: wear this belt and rub on some lotion while you do two minutes of abdominal exercise everyday and see that belly shrink down. Heck, I can do this! Even a busy mom with an infant can fit in two minutes. They say that you only have to wear this belt for 10 minutes a day for fabulous results in a month. No lifestyle or diet change required. If not satisfied in 30 days, then they will refund you. No risk, right?

Well, I can tell you that this product did not work for me. I didn't like that lotion, or so call thermal accelerator cream, it was kind of nasty and flaked on your skin after a few minute. I had some on my arm and it looked like I was peeling (good thing I didn't go out!). I didn't get to return the product because I was busy, like most people are. On top of that, they automatically start sending you more tubes of that lotion which they charge you $19.95 plus $6.99 shipping and handling fee. It wasn't until I received the new lotion that I had to call back and cancel. When you call you speak with someone in India. I can tell because she had an Indian name, the accent, plus she told me good evening when I was calling at 7am in the morning.

I end up having to ship back the thermal accelerator cream that they sent me at my own cost, and I am still waiting for the refund, which can take up to 60 days.

UPDATE: Luckily, I paid to track my shipment back to them because they did not refund me after the 60 days. On top of that, they charged me twice, and they said that it was somehow standard operation for them to do that. I had very little success talking to the customer service there so I had to dispute this with my credit card company and I gave my credit card company the USPS tracking confirmation stating that they actually received it within 7 days of me shipping the cream back to them. It was like pulling teeth to get any refund out of them, and in the end, I only got a partial refund due to shipping and handling fees. I have learned my lesson and will not be fooled again by the promise of easy transformation without diet and exercise!


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    • Sonia Thayer profile image

      Sonia Thayer 9 months ago

      I so appreciate feedback regarding products and thank Ishen (and All Others) for taking the time to express their experience. Without her honest review (and others) I would be robbing Peter to pay Paul for a product that possibly doesn't work, a company that has questionable business ethics.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Ann 20 months ago

      Body wraps in salons years ago used Saran wrap to wrap the whole body. Measured each area before and after. Really works and most lost 12" to 18" on the total body the first time. It last for a couple of days. Beauty pageant contestants have used for years.

    • profile image

      Shenita 2 years ago

      The exercising belt with velcro @ Wal-Mart wirks great. I've used it after all three of my pregnancies... It's only 10 bucks...

    • profile image

      KayCee 2 years ago

      All that I have to say is bunt. You certainly didn't use it as directed. And if it rolled up you've fooled yourself about your real size and ordered a belt that was too small for you. I used and are still using it for two weeks now and have gone down two dress sizes. I haven't changed my diet or added any other exercise regimen. Nor am I taking any kind of dietary reduction products. It only makes sense that something would happen with the two minute exercise alone, but not such a dramatic size reduction in two weeks. If in fact it didn't work for you then you didn't follow the directions correctly. I've known other people that have used it also thus being the reason I bought it and they have had good results as well. You can't pay as much attention to what the scale says because muscle weighs more than fat. It's the way your old clothes are fitting you that tells the difference.

    • profile image

      Million806 2 years ago

      This is very true. Save your money. I wish I had read this before I purchased it. They are SCAM ARTIST. Even if you get the product money back, you still got done in for shipping and handling which ends up being more than the $19.99. you pay $12.99 for shipping to you and another $9.00 to ship it back to them. Make sure you get a tracking number or they will swear they never got it.

    • profile image

      par404 3 years ago

      This item is pure trash. Belt does absolutely nothing. Regardless how long you wear it.No miracle in the cream. Ben-gay better. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

    • profile image

      machan 3 years ago

      A big help, thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      par 3 years ago

      Do not waste your money. The Tummy Tuck Belt is a big hoax. It does not do anything. Tried it for several weeks and did nothing. Not even an ounce of sweat.

    • profile image

      Amanda 3 years ago

      I received this cream from a friend for a gift we have been doing it together for over two months I've already lost an inch and she has lost 10 pounds the cream has not flaked on me but instead of wearing a belt I just wear my regular girdle so far i would recommend it

    • profile image

      MARY 3 years ago

      Gee glad I read this. I was about to order. The last thing I would want is

      to be paying for something that did'nt work, and on top of that keep recieving it. Thank you so much for info. SAVEDDDDD

    • profile image

      tiffany v. 3 years ago

      I bought the tummy belt and with out exercise I have lost about 6 inches in one week. You van see it shrinking my stomache but my back and my love handles are almost gone. My scale is the same but the inches are not. I am starting a basketball league this week so the workout on too of this belt

    • profile image

      rose 3 years ago

      stop fooling people that product is not working .i will never buy a thing like.

    • profile image

      shirley 3 years ago

      you know we are all looking for the magic bullet, well I have been looking for it for a long long time and it just isn't out there, I have been overweight all of my life and have gone from one diet to another and nothing works for me, I know diet and exercise will work but when you have physical problems it is hard to get out there and workout for 3-4 hours a day, so please no mean comments. There just isn't a magic bullet.....

    • profile image

      Marcy 3 years ago

      This is definitely a rip off! I called thinking I was only ordering the tummy tuck belt, and so far this week I have had 3 different places such as budget savers, shoppers advantage & another place that charged me 29.95 on my cc that I knew nothing about! They even told me they had my electronic signature... yea right! Take it from me...don't do it!

    • profile image

      Johnc970 3 years ago

      Thanks for another magnificent post. Where else may just anybody get that kind of info in such a perfect manner of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I'm at the look for such information. fggfkgfdbdkk

    • profile image

      Natalie 3 years ago

      Thanks everyone for all your comments. I too was going to order the belt and cream. After reading all your comments decided against it. Will try some of the suggestions that were offered. After 4 kids my tummy is out of shape and wanted to do something about it.

    • profile image

      Erin 3 years ago

      Thanks for a very honest and helpful review. It's terrible how these companies take advantage and really rip people off.

    • profile image

      .yolanda 3 years ago

      Was bout to purchase but on think so thanks everyone...

    • profile image

      DeerPrudence 4 years ago

      It's 3:45 a.m. and I just saw this product's ridiculous infomercial. I can see why they air these products in the middle of the night. Being tired but unable to sleep makes just about anyone, especially those of us who have just eaten ice cream with stale cookies interested in a nonpainful pretty easy way to get back our 21 year old abs. So I continue to watch all the user testimonials and their before and after photos...I'm sure I'm not the only one who pauses and enlarges the TV picture to compare the photos to see if the before and afters match up. To me a lot of the testimonials do match so I'm curious enough to look up the website for more information but I'm lucky enough to find a review like the one above. I'm sorry the woman who wrote the above had to go through all that trouble but it did and still is helping all of us who were on the fence about trying this "snake oil" product now know not to bother. I should learn there's nothing worth watching this late and I always feel awful eating junk so late at night.

    • profile image

      s. ringwald 4 years ago

      Glad I read the comments. Changed my mind about ordering.These companies should be outlawed to be able to keep charging for future product. They should have to get and ok from the consumr!

    • profile image

      BeckyJo 4 years ago

      What is the "hcg" that is mentioned in earlier messages ??

      So glad that I decided to check reviews of this product/scam b4 trying /ordering it. Thanks for all the wonderful reviews.

    • profile image

      skepticaloneonone 4 years ago

      @info4lynne, BB&B sells this same product & cheaper??

    • profile image

      Dr. Julie 4 years ago

      I would never imagine a tummy tuck belt would work. But I do know diet and exercise do work! If you have extra skin even after that, then maybe you'd consider a real surgery.

    • profile image

      FightingFat 4 years ago

      So glad I came across this. Was almost stupid enough to get roped in. The crap that people will do for a lousy buck. Those "non-actors" should be ashamed of themselves, but they are not and never will be. I doubt they have enough within themselves to believe in it; however I hope they burn in HELL!!!!

    • profile image

      phillipjohnson 4 years ago

    • profile image

      info4lynne 4 years ago

      @whitneysher thanks I checked out Topiramate (Topamax) my doctor says i might be able use it instead of a the seizure Med I'm on now. May even help w/ migraines+ fat loss? SIGN ME UP! I'll post an update.

      @JOLENE Hurbert &Latrise RE: Saran Wrap& PREPARATION H

      Congrats on success, it sounds like you were smart about your water intake, as long as people remember to stay hydrated wrapping tummy or thighs with plastic wrap is really a big help in breaking up fat deposits, losing inches & improving& tightening the skin while working out. Before I read your post I used bandages the plastic wrap works MUCH better, thanks. But, please save your money, no more preparation H. The active ingredient in Prep H constricts blood vessels it works great for under eye puffiness, and other inflammation where vessels may be the culprit, but i suspect it's the moisturizers in Prep H, like aloe & cocoa butter that are helping you shrink your tummy. Since you are covering a large area it would be more economical to just use cocoa butter, a cream with aloe or even cold pressed coconut oil(found in cooking oil aisle). You can amp up these moisturizers& make them specifically target cellulite deposits by mixing in finely ground coffee, the cheap stuff works fine but NO DECAF. If you really think Prep H is a good combo of ingredients for you & worth the price, then I just caution you to BE SURE YOU DO NOT buy the Prep H that lists hydro-cortisone as an ingredient, it is a steroid hormone that can be absorbed threw the skin. It may help with puffiness and it is safe for occasional use on small areas of the body for rashes, hemorrhoids etc. But extended use of steroids will suppress the immune system, decrease bone formation & worse. Creams with steroids should never be used on large skin area and never for extended periods of time. Now not all Prep H formulas contain Cortisone so you are probably okay to continue using it. I just wanted to caution you or any reader trying it to check the label. NOW, back to the tummy tuck belt! Anybody still wanting to try the TT belt with it's cream or their own formula, can buy it at Bed Bath& Beyond. Bed Bath & Beyond WONT mail & charge you for cream you don't want (i have a hair product that keeps showing up@ 3 times the cost of my 1st infomercial purchase uhg!) & if you don't have positive results with the tummy tuck belt you can just return it to t any BB&B store. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond. I had a coupon so saved $ over the infomercial price. I put up with the flaky cream till I ran out, then I switched to coconut oil with coffee. I lost just over 2 inches, not bad since I am disabled and only do a few minutes of the ab exercises, then I just leave it on & watch TV. I use plastic wrap(formerly bandages) on my thighs sometimes & I'm sure it works almost as well as the belt, but the belt stays on better so I did not return it. I also used a laser thermometer and checked my skin temp after wearing the Tummy Tuck belt for 10 minutes compared to wearing a spanks type girdle for 10 minutes. The TT belt raised my skin temp & the girdle did not. Not sure that matters, but I had the thermometer so figured what the heck LOL. Thanks for your suggestions & for reminding everyone to stay hydrated when doing any body wraps. I may even try a little Prep H on some small problem areas.- Dr. Rev. Lisa, PHD

    • profile image

      judy_moore 29 4 years ago

      Thank you all, you have saved myself and countless others our hard earned money and lots of heartache, I've been taken before by another company and I know the problems it creates. I now research before I buy and believe what others have to say.

    • profile image

      aline proulx 4 years ago

      I would like to buy this belt after my surgery 20 years it left me with envelope I cant loose I lose weight but can loose that I need some advise

    • profile image

      Klunk11 4 years ago

      Oh yeah, never buy any 'health' product unless it is recommended by a legitimate group such as the FDA or AMA.

    • profile image

      Klunk11 4 years ago

      Well, if you are stuck with that Belt, you might be able to use it for another purpose. Put it in the trunk of your car in case you have a tire about to blow, it should get you to the nearest tire store. And never mind the cream.

    • profile image

      Royalty 4 years ago

      Thank you all so much for your comments!

    • profile image

      Joyce 4 years ago

      Forget the 1000mg - 2000mg Raspberry Ketones daily, they DO NOT WORK.

    • profile image

      Denise 4 years ago

      Wowww....I saw the infomercial a few weeks back & it has stayed on my mind to purchase because I really believed it worked & that the people were real people who actually got results. Thank, God I've been too busy to make the order & just today I was finally going to stop putting it off & make this purchase. This page came to me out of nowhere, it seems like, because I wasn't even thinking of researching any reviews....I was conveinced already!!! Huh, not anymore!!!!!

    • profile image

      Missie 4 years ago

      I have had this recorded on my DVR for months now, and decided to watch it tonight, and omg seriously! At the beginning I was like ok this is some kind of spa treatment. Then the little pitiful little man looked like he wanted to cry, so I kind of thought about getting this stuff. I got out my lap top, looked up some reviews and stumbled on this one and geese. I'm reading your reviews wile this crap is on, and as soon as the lady said "I'm not an actress" RED FLAG!!!! I'm so glad I came on her and saw all of your views on this I would have fell into the night time TV trap also.

      Thanks guys I am so sorry this has happened to you, but they will get theirs.

    • profile image

      Deceived 4 years ago

      This product doesn't work, don't waste your money

    • profile image

      ALINE 4 years ago

      I JUST SAW THE COMMERICAL AND THOUGHT too good to be true.

      I did research and came across your posting. Thank you for saving me the money. Here a trick, call your credit card company and say you never purchase this. they will remove the charge and invest what going on.

      Or you can tell them what happen and tell them that charge is not allow.

      Call your credit card companies. I did that to some stupid pill and I got my money back.

    • profile image

      brunette 4 years ago

      I just was watching the commercial for this product on the TV and I was like hmmm why not lets google it and see what going on with it and after couple youtubes that I watched and did not show that a good or bad product I was doubting my thought but after I read your article I was like OMG .. hell no.. it's not working and a lot of hassle for the cancellation and returning this one and the worst things THE COSTUMER SERVICE IN INDIA AND THEY HAVE ASCENT... I would not do it not for the bad product only but for the Indian Ascent too.. thanks for saving our time and money too

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      it works very well for me, believe t or not. It's been a week and a half. I was waist 36 today I AM 34

    • profile image

      JFR 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Raja 4 years ago

      I bought the 10 minute tummy tuck belt. I used for 15 days and after that I Had severe pain one day and got admitted to the hospital. While verifying it was diagnosed that I had Gall stone. I don't know is it because of the Gel I used or because of something else. Doctor recommended not to use the Tummy tuck belt.

      The pathetic condition is I have been flooded with the Gel again and again in spite of cancelation. When I spoke to customer service they were very rude and disconnected the line abruptly. After repeated call the CS gave me RMA for only the product which was within 30 days less shipping cost. Even after returning I haven't got the money refunded. Please be aware of these kind of suckers of your hard earned money.

    • profile image

      whitneysher 4 years ago

      OMG. {Read on for info on what I found that works]. Thanks for whoever shared these honest comments. I've had the nightmare of trying to stop payments on everything from computer equip. from Tiger Direct (took 1 yr and keeping a tracking journal) to Melaleuca (loved the product, just didn't like the membership point system that required you to spend over $100 a mth on vitamins, lipstick etc). I spoke with my sister's neurologist about the belly issue. He said read up on "Topiramate." This is apparently a drug used for Alzheimer's patients. But he says it works to reduce belly fat. Dang! I'm still researching for something safe. Yes diet and exercise help. But anybody with a pooch knows that bellyfat is stubborn and we need some help with it. And who in the hot summer time wants to be sweating like trapped hog in some girdle. LOL. Keep me posted on your findings. Putting my credit card back in my purse on the tummy tuck belt proposition.

    • profile image

      Gullible 4 years ago

      Like so many on here, I had my credit card out and went to the web site to order. Among the listings was this site. So, I looked at the reviews. I've just stuck my debit card back in my wallet, and I'm going to bed. I'll check Wal-Mart when I go shopping tomorrow. Thanks to all of you that convinced me not to buy.

    • profile image

      Irene Inangelo Merola 4 years ago

      Thank for your honest opinion, I almost made a big mistake by ordering this product!

    • profile image

      tigercj 4 years ago

      Thanks, after what I heard, I would NEVER order your crappy product! Now wonder you don't see it on infomercials anymore!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      MoneySaver 4 years ago

      Thanks for saving me time and effort I could put into exercising!

    • profile image

      Shannon 4 years ago

      I purchaced it, and it has been working for me. My friend also bought one, she has lost 15lbs in 2 mos. Where i have lost only 9 lbs. My friend eats well, and walks 3 days a week where i do not. But going to start! So, so far i do not have any bad reviews. Oh and it tells you they will automaticaly be sending the next lotion supplies, YOU MUST READ EVERYTHING before buying ANYTHING! Im sorry to those of you it is not working foir:(

    • profile image

      Gwen 4 years ago

      Thanks for this post, I was just getting ready to order this product, but decided to research it before I did. I'm glad I did, my stomach already gives me a headache, I don't need all this to go along with it. THANKS

    • profile image

      Sweets 4 years ago

      I've used Tummy Tuck and ended up with a flat stomach and my curves back. In 1 month lost 3 inches off my stomach. I really love the product and I do not even work out. I also eat whatever I want.

    • profile image

      DK 4 years ago

      After reading these I decided to return everything I just received and even tho it says you don't have to call, CALL! Glad I did. I had to cancel my membership for the cream (that I didn't even know I had) and get a verification # to put on the outside and inside of package. I will also get insurance and a tracking #. I hope I get a refund now. I am not allowing myself to watch anymore infomercials!

    • profile image

      Tyrone from DC 4 years ago

      Thxs! I was thinking about ordering the Tummy Tuck...U save me a disappointment. Sound 2 good 2 B true.

    • profile image

      JS 4 years ago

      Reading all the positive reviews I was so ready to order the belt...until I read the list of ingredients on the "Miracle Thermal Accelerator”. Wow-I DO NOT want all those unpronounceable ingredients seeping into my pores and invading my biology. Too bad, because it sounded promising. Good luck to you brave souls who don’t worry about such things.

    • profile image

      Rina 4 years ago

      To Edith Lake. The best credit card to use is AmEx. They are great to stop all charches that u don't want. Cancel your credit card .

    • profile image

      jessicaw 5 years ago

      For Future readers- try getting spandex- like spanx- from any retailer that covers your problem areas and wear it with Icy Hot or any type of product that heats up your skin and you will achieve the same results as this belt claims. My hubby is a state champ weight lifter and body builder and he does this- it works and is cheaper.

    • profile image

      Edith Lake 5 years ago

      Can someone tell what do do so they could stpo sending this tube every month

    • profile image

      mario 5 years ago

      the problem with the charging a credit card again, can be solved easier without calling them back and asking not to charge or calling Bureau. U just call ur bank and tell them that u have lost ur card, they will block it and send u the new one. If they will try to charge you again, it will not go through. Easy one step procedure. In the mean time while u r waiting for ur replacement card to arrive, just use another one

      good luck

    • profile image

      Steasse 5 years ago

      I like what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and reporting! Keep up the good works guys I've included you guys to blogroll. learn how

    • profile image

      Valerie 5 years ago

      Thanks, for heads up on that! I too not much for all that "as seen on TV". Sure glad I read this on it again "Thanks for the information"!

      Sorry for what happen to you... hope you get your money!

    • profile image

      Mary 5 years ago

      I am so glad I read these reviews!!! I, too, almost ordered it and I so very glad I didn't! It's a shame they can get on TV and hawk this kind of crap. But there are so many people out there, desperate to lose weight, that they would probably try anything. Think I'll stick to doing it the old fashioned way!!

    • profile image

      Erica 5 years ago

      One of the ingredients, phenoxyethanol, is a REPRODUCTIVE HAZARD according to its Material Safety Data Sheet.

    • profile image

      sally 5 years ago

      Thanks! I just saw this on TV and am always suspicious, of the too good to be true stuff. But oh how I wanted to believe it!

    • profile image

      bill 5 years ago

      do not buy this belt it is a scam it does not work

    • profile image

      skipper 5 years ago

      don't get this you may as well get a girdle it's better and you don't need to have any cream crap... not worth it they need to take these kind of comm off TV right??? this is a scam watch out and keep your money

    • profile image

      samy 5 years ago

      i got one, it rolls, man, is not what i thought, it , will, be, to small, to.

    • profile image

      Cage 5 years ago

      Ive had the ten minute tummy tuck belt for over 7 months and i gotta say i was sorta a non believer when it came to rubbing on cream then putting on the belt that looked like a over sized bra, lol, but i must say tho the process is going slow its working for me as well, but during the wintertime theres not much as far as exercise can acomplish, I wear the belt every day, i even wear it to bed, but i think with the belt on i at least have a little bit of hope during the winter, I honestly think starting the tummy tuck belt methead would work better during the summer that way you got more then one way to exercise you got walking, jogging, running, climbing and also riding bikes, were in winter time you just stay in doors and to the ten minute tummy tuck tightners .

    • profile image

      julsofparadisedotetsydotcom 5 years ago

      Well, I almost fell for this, so I am glad I ran across all these comments to read.

      I guess the truth of it all is to eat less and move more.

    • profile image

      Lady B 5 years ago

      Word of Advice to ALL WHEN SHOPPING ON LINE,, I have a

      PRE-PAY CARD I use just for shopping online that way they can't get what not there

    • profile image

      What a Shame! 5 years ago

      What a shame! The power of advertising. My mum fell for this crappy product. I just hate it when people take advantage of the innocent.

    • profile image

      tummytuckreviews 5 years ago

      Hello all,

      I have been using this product for over a month and have been quite satisfied with the results so far. The belt has helped me lose tummy and get back into shape.

    • profile image

      melody 5 years ago

      hey yall, the pastic wrap works. i lost 20 pounds in one month but guess what? i was out of plastic wrap so i used a garbage bag! i made it into a poncho with arm holes . put it on first then a long sleeve shirt and tucked it into my work out pants. i rode my bike over the heater vent (lol! it was winter) when i was done i was pouring sweat. i rode the bike for 15-30 minutes right before bedtime. drink lots of water . i literally felt my body shrinking when i went to bed. gluck!!!

    • profile image

      Jay 5 years ago

      My husband believed in this, so he got it for us. Were not small people, so it was a workout, just to get it over my butt to get it to my stomach. lol, it was so tight and uncomfortable. Just the thought of putting it on, was worse of the thought of going to the gym! The skinny girl on the commercial, makes it seem sooooo easy to put on! Yea, I guess if your a size 1.

      I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Specially if they really don't have your size. I'm a size 18, and it might have fit someone that was a size 10-12.

    • Rachel Ross profile image

      Rachel Ross 5 years ago

      I'm not looking to lose weight. I'm 5'1' at 104lbs. I had a child 5 years ago and gained 70lbs. I lost every pound that I gained, but naturally, the skin on my stomach is just loose, stretched out skin. I'm 23 years old and I would love to have a "23" year olds stomach. I eat extremely healthy and I consistently work out. I was going to purchase this because, well, I fell for it. Thanks to these reviews, that won't be happening.

      Any suggestions on how to simply tighten up loose skin without surgery?

    • profile image

      Liz 5 years ago

      I wanted this for me and MIL but after reading these, I change my mind as well. Thank you so much for the review.

    • profile image

      cwee 5 years ago

      I am EMBARRASSED and ANGRY that I bought this rip off item. Do not buy it. They say it is $40.00, but they have now charged me $104.00 for that disgusting worthless cream. I have called them twice, (two months in a row because they charged me in October and November) and told them NOT to charge me anything more, and I have called my credit card company and flagged them as a fraudulent company. Be wary of a company which continues to charge you! DO NOT buy this worthless item. You are better off buying a tight pair of underwear, or a girdle that is two sizes too small and rub Preparation H or Icy Hot on your belly...I am kicking myself for being stupid on this one.

    • profile image

      bobo 5 years ago

      thank you. iwas desperate enough to consider this

    • profile image

      Johnny 5 years ago

      Every weight loss Ad on TV usually ends with "if you diet and exercise, you'll get greater results"...DDDDUUUUUHHHHH...That's all I'm gonna say...SCAMS.

    • profile image

      Ariet 5 years ago

      sooo i brought this product like 2 weeks ago..i'm supposed to get it sometime next week. after reading some of the reviews i'm not gonna lie, i'm a little nervous...i'm happy with my size now but i only want to lose inches off the stomach..i'm going to try it out:) if it doesn't work i'll b posting my disappointment. thanks though!!

    • profile image

      Slimming down 5 years ago

      I bought this product at Bed Bath and Beyond for $31.00 -- I have been using it faithfully for one week and lost 1 1/2 inches. I am happy with that - those of you expecting a miracle need to have your head examined!!

    • profile image

      Miss Destiny 5 years ago

      There are no miracle products out there, only good ol' diet and exercise, people! Stop looking for a quick-fix- it DOES NOT exist! You will only be wasting your money and contributing to the multi-million business who strives to suck money out of desperate souls.

      Also, work on your spelling and grammar people! It's horrible and confusing to read!

    • profile image

      sherry 5 years ago

      I think this commercial should be stopped and stop scamming people I feel bad cause they shouldn't do that I'm 15 and bigger I had my hopes up for this because I have a health issue due to my heart why can't people understand there is more to life then money

    • profile image

      Owen 5 years ago

      thank you so much for your honesty I had three kids. Me two so the program when I was breasting feeding my 4 month baby girl today I was going to call but I wanted more reviews on this it sounded to good to be true oh well I will just keep on doing what I'm doing drink plenty of water eat proper and plenty of walks and sit ups :)

    • profile image

      mandy 5 years ago

      oh my goodness guys thank you so much, I needed a quick fix for a photo shoot I'm already a small lady but the nasty little pooch was getting on my nerves, but forget that now an old fashioned clean diet and exercise is the only thing that really works why do I continuously get slapped back into reality with my dum arse.

    • profile image

      Cathy 5 years ago

      It does not work waste of money....

    • profile image

      Deborah 5 years ago

      You think your famous now? Let me tell the world that for two payments of $19.95, I have so far paid over $75.00. They keep taking money from my account.

      Are you proud of how you make your money?

      Too all the people I would advise you to contact your bank or credit card company and have them removed and banned from extracting any money from them.

      I for one am tired of being scammed from them and others like them!!!

    • profile image

      Mel 5 years ago

      I had the exact same experience. Just called today to check on my refund (which the india person said was processed yesterday...we'll see) after I told the customer service rep when I initially placed the order that I did not want to be signed up to get any additional creams. What a scam! I'm so disappointed because I really want to lose this stomach. How can they do that to people.

    • profile image

      rob 5 years ago

      I was pretty sure this was a scam and after reading all the reviews, my first hunch is correct. I never use my credit card to order anything over the internet. If I see an item I may want to try, I purchase a money order and send just that amount. If they want accept it or will not provide a PO Box or address to mail to, then that is a red flag that they are bogus. Also, I always check the BBB website to see any business rating and if it is not listed A or even B, I go no further. Also, I call the customer service line first and if I get a foreign representative with little english, that is another red flag for me. So, I will continue to eat better, exercise more and accept who I am and avoid the stress and hassle of these scams. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!

    • profile image

      Dani 5 years ago

      I don't have the belt but went on BBB web site to see what they have on the company. They gave the company a F. Don't buy

    • profile image

      ging40 5 years ago

      i used tummy tuck belt for two weeks now, and i was so amazed with the result, it really works out for me, my tummy decreased the size without diet, i think the results will vary

    • profile image

      kick 5 years ago

      thanks 2 the author who wrote this and everyones tips i almost fell 4 mad that some guy would insult the woman who wrote this that was a cheap shot on the time in india but jpkes on u she was just trying 2 say that because they said good night when it ws am here ans few other things that's how she could tell why from india

    • profile image

      KB 5 years ago

      Just got through reading almost everyone 's comments on the tummy tuck belt. WoW!!!!! I also was about to buy. I have been exercising and eating six small meals daily. Lost 10lbs but this trying to lose my belly slow and easy the turtle wins the race. Good luck to everyone; my heart felt thanks to thoes of you who tried the belt and your comments. You lost but, you are winners because you help save millions of us. God Bless!

    • profile image

      joanne 5 years ago

      OMG...I fell for this and ordered it on the phone, never got a live person, was continually asked to listen to one more product, then after 26 mins, I got a live person who wanted to give me a free I should have know this was not kosher. Then I waited 4 hours and got online and found this and cancelled my order via the company website. Then I decided to call my credit card company and cancel my card. What a nightmare! BEWARE PEOPLE, when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...I should follow my own advice. If you are ready this, I suggest you cancel your credit card asap, get a new number, like I did, and you can avoid the stress this experience is bound to provide if you don't cancel your card.

    • profile image

      Lexy 5 years ago

      Okay so the best thing you can do to lose belly fat and lose weight is to clean yourself from the inside out. This will make it easier to lose belly fat. On ebay I ordered Dr. Oz raspberry ketone and coffee bean I paid 20.00 for both, plus I got a free trial colon cleanse for 6.99 (I’m always looking for bargains). Take the colon cleanse pills with the raspberry ketone and the coffee beans and you will feel a difference (trust me). While your taking these pills try to diet and exercise at least 3-4 days a week. Now I did this and the way I lost my belly fat really quick was taking the pills and also wearing my Belly Burner Belt everyday to burn fat, I bought this belt on ebay for less than 20.00 or you can get it at Boscov’s and I gotta tell you the results I got in just 30 days is amazing. I lost almost a pound a day but everyone’s body is different. But this worked for me and I hope that this will help someone who is trying to look great and feel great for a good price I got this all for under $50.00. Remember hard work always pays off so no matter what any infomercials say you must be active no cream or belt is gonna just take your weight off without you putting in some work yourself. I bought sooooo many products that promised that I would lose weight without doing anything just using there product and for all the money I spent and lost I found my own way to lose weight and it worked. The key is DIET AND EXERCISE the belly burner belt I bought helped me burn way more fat off my belly while I was exercising and I wore it daily so it actually helped me burn fat while I was just running errands and going about my normal day, so everything doesn't work for everybody as we are all different in every way, our daily lives, our bodies and so on. So just find what works for you, I did.

    • profile image

      crystal 5 years ago

      I bought this crap and it didn't do anything for me.Will never purchase again.

    • profile image

      Chaz 5 years ago

      Thanks for the review- its helpful to see real people that have tried it. Another Scam-

    • profile image

      Zanmarie 5 years ago

      Just some information about " sweating " . This idea has been used on expensive race and show horses for a century! Horses would have a heat- creating cream rubbed on. ( mostly neck area) then a tight wrap was applied. Was called a sweating. Horses would lose water weight and temporarily, some fat cells would shrink.

      So, buyer beware. Concept does work but at what cost? The horses could not complain of the pain and heat they were experiencing, or if it hurt their coat. Trainers did not care, as long as horse looked slimmer. And they did...not used as much today, but still out there.

      When I saw the ad on am tv, my first thought was, why did it take them so long for some company to begin to market this product to people?

      Remember Barielle cream for nails? Mane and Tail hair care? Products used on horses, adopted by female groomers, riders, and moved into human cosmetics category.

      Use common sense but know that multi- million dollar horses get really good health care and treatments. Sometimes products or supplements tried on them do help Glucosamines and Chondroitins for arthritis and inflammation.

    • profile image

      andrew 5 years ago

      it is a bunch of nonsense and deception it is imposible to lose weight and slim down without eating nutritosly and excercising yea its funny and suspicious that the only "success" stories outside of the informecial used the belt in cohesion and along with a regiment of exercise and eating right that's because that's the key and the most crucial important part to losing and getting rid of excess weight

    • profile image

      donna 5 years ago

      Thank you. I am no longer tempted. That saran wrap sounds like a good bet and I didn't know that about the shark oil. P.S.--Dr. Oz is a scammer too.

    • profile image

      Cinny 5 years ago

      Saran wrap will give you temporary :) and the old prep H with shark oil that the US won't allow to be sold works best :) Canada still sells online :) happy shrinking

    • profile image

      Gloria 5 years ago

      In all of my 80 years, this is the worst gimmick that I have fallen for. It is a total waste of time and money.

    • profile image

      Army Vet 5 years ago

      I am on vacation in Vegas and saw this commercial. After retiring two years ago, I have put on pounds and gained a pouch. Seemed like a good deal but I am a skeptic and always research products. Thanks for all the post. Think I will return to the basics / exercise and healthy diet.

    • profile image

      An American 5 years ago

      No disrespect to any of you, but if it sounds too good to be true IT IS. Look at their ads on TV the people are holding their breath and sucking their gut in.