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How to look like Jessica Alba- An Illustrated Guide with a Dozen ways

Updated on June 17, 2014

Being a celebrity look alike is fun, especially if you look stunning like Jessica Alba- a fashion icon, actress, model and one of the most beautiful women in the world according to a famous magazine.

1. Curl your eyelashes

Eyes is the window to the soul. No wonder why her sweetness shows whenever you look on her eyes. Truly Jessica Alba has attractive eyes

If you want to look like Jessica you have to know her favorite make up tools- eyelash curler and mascara. You can't imagine how these can make your eyes brighter and big even without putting eye shadow. So, whenever you stepped out of your house, you can be beautiful even without make-up. Just curl your lash for a brighter eyes and a brighter day!

2. Curl your long hair and color it with honey brown

Feminine and natural are words that imply a sexy wavy hair. She is naturally brunette and she always have the gleaming beach waves.

To achieve this, use electric curler with the biggest diameter to curl you hair. If you are not gifted with this brown hair color, you can go to salon or color your hair at home. Try the honey brown color.

3. Wear brown contact lens

Since she has that Hispanic look, you must wear a brown contact lens. If your eyes have power you can buy lenses with color and power at the same time. Eye color can definitely be a plus to get that Hispanic look that Alba has.

4. Braid in an up do hairstyle

Hair is the crowning glory of a woman. To get the goddess look like Jessica always do, braid your hair in an up do hair style. Get three or more strands of your hair and intertwine it to make a braid near your scalp. Start the braid on one side near one of your ear to the other side, so it will look like a crown.

You can also use a headband with a braid hairstyle for a quicker way to get the braid look.

5. Use shimmering tan lotion

Have you noticed that women who went cover for a magazine for a sexy shot have the tanned skin look? Even you don't naturally have that skin color, you can achieve it by simply applying a shimmering tan lotion.

6. Exercise for a slimmer you

Jessica has a slim body shape. In order to achieve this you have to exercise. According to an interview I have read, Jessica loves hip-hop dancing as an exercise. Another form of exercise celebrity does is jogging. Paparazzis always spot her jogging while listening to music.

To make your exercise routine more fun, have an exercise buddy. It could be your best friend, your neighbor or a special someone. You wont notice time passing by if you have someone to talked to.

Take a closer look on the image above. Put the highlighter in the gray areas demonstrated in the illustration.
Take a closer look on the image above. Put the highlighter in the gray areas demonstrated in the illustration.

7. Pout your lips

Jessica has pouty lips. Here are some tips to get that pouty looks you have been dreaming of.

  • Apply highlighter in the outside of your lips just above and lower sides of the lips. (see the image below for the illustration)
  • Use an earth color lipstick such as nude, brown, beige and light orange.

8. Use concealer for brighter eyes

Celebrities are not perfect. They get big eye bags and dark eye because of their stress, busy schedule and work. Use an eye concealer for that brighter look. This will emphasize your mesmerizing eyes and will conceal blemishes and redness under the eye.

Another thing, is to use cold compress around the eye area.

Jessica ALba Make-up Transformation

9. Fashion style

Jessica is so feminine that she looks gorgeous wearing casual dresses. She normally wear pants, a spaghetti strap top and pair it with a cardigan, scarf and sun glasses.

A genuine smile from sweet Jessica.
A genuine smile from sweet Jessica. | Source

10. Whiten your teeth

A pearly white teeth is a wonderful scenario! Especially for Alba who become an endorser of a famous brand of make-up products.

Don't you know that you can achieve white teeth at home by using baking soda?

Here is how you do it:

  1. Apply little amount of baking soda on your toothbrush, just enough amount to cover all the bristles of your brush.
  2. Brush your teeth like you do using toothpaste. Remember to brush your teeth in an up and down motion.
  3. Always do this and after a week or two observe the effect it will bring to your teeth.

You will now have a wonderful smile like Alba has!

11. Always smile

A sweet smile brings out a positive aura and innocent look. Alba is attractive because she looks so charming and happy most of the time. She also got that " the girl next door look" which a lot of men find so cute.

12. Use big hoop earrings

An obvious trademark of Alba are sexy big hoop earrings. Don't forget to wear a pair of these earrings! Aside from that, with the oval face shape that she has, a round earrings will make her face look rounder.

Which tip do you think is the best way to look like Jessica Alba?

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My photo after I followed some of the tips to look like Jessica.

Jessica look-alike.
Jessica look-alike. | Source

The End

"I hope you learn something from me. Please let me know if you achieved the Jessica Alba look after following the aforementioned steps.

Good luck! :D


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