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Louis Vitton bags : priceless possession

Updated on March 4, 2013
a taste of the finest!
a taste of the finest!

Much has been said about an LV bag. A lot of people would drool over it, or dream about possessing one. I was a victim once. I contemplated on getting even a second hand LV bag for that matter - just to ease the "pressure" coming from all sides.

Well, guess what? just about the time I was actually looking into buying one already, the most surprising thing happened. A good friend came back home from the US after a three-month-vacation with hubby. She has been hunting me for days already and wanting to catch up on the latest buzz, over a cup of coffee. Fortunately, I was able to meet up with her and hubby ( me, together with hubby too) at the Greenbelt 5 one monday afternoon. ( Yes, I was on leave at that time). After the chickas and all that, she handed me a bag as pasalubong. ( The nice thing about all this is, I wasn't really, honestly expecting for one!) Not your regular, ordinary bag. Your guess is as good as mine. LV, no less.

And she has this to add : Sister, sosi ka. I saw Jinky Pacquiao earlier at the Edsa Shang Plaza carrying that very same bag. hahahaha.( Translation: Girl! You've got good taste! I saw Jinky Pacquiao ( wife of world-renowned Fil boxer, Manny Pacquiao) carrying the very same bag!)

So there. Without even stretching a muscle, an LV bag drops on my lap. Well, how do you explain that? Simple. ANSWERED PRAYER. ( and I havent even verbalized my prayer. Its just there in my heart, starting to brew! and God was all that excited to give me this special gift!) Whew. What a friend we have in Jesus, huh?!

Some people may say its suerte ( luck) , but I say otherwise. Its a gift. An answered prayer.

So I say, what's next God? A rolex watch or a cefiro? Gosh. I am so expectantly excited! Aren't you?


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    • profile image

      louis vuitton bags 7 years ago

      something was my favourite, but it is so hard for me! Maybe lv bags is your another choice, welcome to the louis vuitton sale uk, it's so good!Love the louis vuitton bags

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 9 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      That is a beautiful purse and God did bless you with that one!!!