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Angel Wing Tattoos

Updated on January 10, 2012

They used to say that the devil had all the best tunes and some would argue that at one time, he also had the best tattoos. There is little doubt that tattoos were, once, the domain of sailors and street fighters. Today however, things are very different and designs such as flowers and angel wing tattoos are becoming much more prevalent.

Feminine Angel Wing Tattoo Designs

A great increase in the number of women sporting tattoos has led to a much wider variety of designs on show. It’s fair to say that most women don’t want the tougher macho images of old, but want designs that emphasise the feminine side of life. One increasingly popular design amongst women is angel wing tattoos.

Although sometimes associated with religion, many people understand angels to be a symbol of beauty and calmness; something which many women aspire to. For some women, simply having the angel wings on their arms or legs is sufficient, but many women are now going much further and having full sized angel wing tattoos on their back, exactly as if they were real.

Naturally, due to the size of this design, it is crucial that you find a tattooist who you trust and feel can do the job to your satisfaction. There can be little worse than having tattoos on your back that you are unhappy with – they would take an awful lot of covering up!

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you spend a significant amount of time researching designs that you like along with colour schemes. If you take a selection of this to a good tattooist and discuss your requirement, he may be able to make a sketch of what your angel wing tattoos would look like prior to having it done. This would also give you the opportunity to amend the colours etc. Once the tattoo is on your back, it would be too late.

A good example of a full sized angel wing tattoo
A good example of a full sized angel wing tattoo

Of course, an angel wing tattoo does not necessarily have to be ‘angelic’. Many Goths and ‘dark poet’ types distort the original design to represent angels with broken or bleeding wings. Whilst this probably does not appeal to the majority of people considering this particular design, it does indicate different ways in which angel wing tattoos can be represented to suit the individual.


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