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Animal Costume DIY Ideas

Updated on October 12, 2012

Animal Costumes

If you have little boys or if your girl in not into fairies and princess, Halloween is a big brain teaser for you. What can you make them that looks equal part cute and appropriate. Here I have rounded up some really cute animal costumes that would look great on any little boy or girl.

Hedgehog Costume tutorial

Hedgehog Costume tutorial
Hedgehog Costume tutorial | Source

Hedgehog Costume tutorial

Here is a Hedgehog that will steal your heart while he scurries. Get the Hedgehog Costume tutorial over at The Train To Crazy (courtsey I make Stuff)

Moose Costume DIY

Moose Costume
Moose Costume | Source

Moose Costume DIY

Of course it's a cute Moose costume, but when you read the DIY it will knock your socks off on how easy and cheap this is to make. Get the Moose Costume Tutorial from Dragon Fairy Tail.

DIY Fox Costume

This is the cutest Fox you would ever meet. Head on over to The Paper Mama for a little Fox Costume Tutorial.

Dino Tails tutorial

Dino Tails tutorial
Dino Tails tutorial | Source

Dino Tails Sewing tutorial

Shake your Dino Tails...err...first you have to make some dino tails. Get the tutorial for this cute dino tails from Running with the Scissors. These tails will give hours of fun...long after Halloween is over...Promise!

Unicorn Costume DIY

How to make Unicorn Costume
How to make Unicorn Costume | Source

Sewing Unicorn Costume

Ok so Unicorn is not a real animal, but who cares when the costume is so cute. Make her a Unicorn Costume with this tutorial from Twin Dragonfly Designs and see her go over the rainbow.

Bat Costume DIY

Bat Costume DIY
Bat Costume DIY | Source

Bat Costume DIY

Technically its a reality it flies. Animal or may choose later but right now you gotta go sew this bat costume. After all someone is waiting in the wings ( pun intended). Get the Bat Costume DIY from MADE.

Penguin Costume Idea

Penguin Costume DIY from Make It and Love It.

Lobster Costume Tutorial

Lobster Costume Tutorial
Lobster Costume Tutorial | Source

Lobster Costume tutorial

Here is a lobster you couldn't help adore. The lobster costume tutorial on Martha Stewart website.

DIY lion Costume

DIY lion Costume
DIY lion Costume | Source

Lion Costume tutorial

Of Course it wouldn't be much of an animal costume roundup without the king of the jungle. Get this easy step by step tutorial for a lion costume from All You Magazine.

Octopus Costume DIY

Here is an Octopus Costume that is very easy to make and looks so cute. Tutorial courtesy Jan Marie Blog.

Ok, this is all from me. Now you tell me - do you have any costume tutorials that you love and I haven't covered them. Share it in the comments and I will update the list with them.


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