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Anita bras - finding the right bra

Updated on April 4, 2012

Anita bras - for everyone

Bras are like your second skin and they should feel comfortable in them and they should suit your activities. Anita bras have one that suits every need and every woman. Bras that are well fitting should provide support and comfort.

I know what you are thinking, what about style, what about looking sexy or beautiful? Well you can find something that makes you feel great, but you should first look for something that is a perfect fit and comfortable. Research shows that 85% of the women wear ill fitting bras. Ill fitting bras may be the reason for many a problem, like tenderness of breasts, back or shoulder pain etc. Anita bras would be high on my recommendation list.

Anita bras for large sizes

Anita bras seem to meet these criteria perfectly. If you are a 34 B or more you would be wearing a bra regularly or at least during your waking hours.

I do understand that wearing one or not is your choice, but if you are active and heavy busted you would find it more comfortable to wear one than being without one. One positive fact about Anita bras is that you are sure to find a bra that fits you perfectly no matter what size you are.

Anita sports bras

Sports bra would be an essential piece of clothing if you are a regular walker or jogger or play some sport or may be just an active person.

A sports bra provides adequate support without laying the weight on your shoulders or causing a strain on your back..

It helps you maintain a good posture and at the same time move with ease and comfort.

Yes gravity will ultimate have an effect, but you can delay the process for a while.

Ill fitting or uncomfortable bras will make you feel totally out of place and will not allow you to enjoy what you are doing.

Sport bras when worn with casual clothes can be comfortable and snug making it an every day bra.

Anita support bras or under wired bras - tips for choosing the right bra

An underwired bra should be carefully chosen. You need to ensure that your bra is not too tight. You should be able to insert your finger easily under the front band.

If the fitting is too tight it causes the wire to poke into the soft tissues of your breast and cause harm. You should make sure that the cups fit perfectly without wrinkles or causing any bulges under the arms.

A comfortable bra will never feel like a tight band has been loosened, when you remove it.

Push up bras are more for augmenting your shape. It would be a good idea to wear them if your breasts are sagging or not large. Petite women can benefit from wearing these.

Padded bras or molded bras from Anita bras also would be a greet choice for petite women.

Anita Twin air bras

The Anita twin air bras are perfect for women who are medium sized. The support that they provide is great and the contour is natural.

Back pain or shoulder pain maybe the sign or a poor fitting bra so you need to know it is time to get into something more comfortable than what you are wearing.

Anita maternity and Anita nursing bras

Maternity bras should be comfortable and roomy enough, to accommodate the change in cup sizes during this period.

These should be soft and should not cause discomfort or hardness due to tightness of cups. They are more comfortable if they are seamless and made of soft cotton or natural material.

Anita Nursing Bras, you find them in different materials and styles you need to ensure that the bra that you buy is comfortable while nursing your baby.

These should provide adequate support and so look for straps that are broad. The sides should also be broad for comfort and clasps should be are easy to open. Clasps should so easy as to allow you to open with one hand while you hold a hungry baby with the other.

A drop cup would be ideal for a nursing bra. A soft cup nursing bra would will make an excellent choice.

If you are buy a nursing bra before your baby is born, you will do well to remember that you will need a size bigger than what you are wearing in your eighth month.

You may also take into consideration that the size may increase as you nurse, to the next cup size so buy them a few in the next cup size.

Anita bras - the perfect fit

A perfectly fitting bra is one that is comfortable on the tightest hooks. The side panels should not make the cups too tight that there is spill over at the top, this could cause blockage in lymphatic drainage and cause problems like breast cancer.

Another sign to watch out is, if your bra rides up, this is a sign you need to buy a size bigger or have yourself measured before you order one. For health purposes it is recommended that you wear comfortable and well fitted bras.

It would also be sensible to wear bras from natural material or closest to it, as you will be wearing them all day long.

I would rate Anita up for good fit, style and availability in bigger sizes. Having searched for a good product for a long time I have found one that I will confidently recommend to others.


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    • shimmering Dawn profile image

      shimmering Dawn 5 years ago

      Sparklea, lol you sound like me. I have had similar issues and this one seems to suit me very well. Thanks for stopping by and checking out. Have a blessed day!

    • Sparklea profile image

      Sparklea 5 years ago from Upstate New York

      Shimmering Dawn: I have an AWFUL time with bras! Right now I am wearing the "ahh" bra, which I've seen advertised everywhere. It is like a sports bra, and one thing I love is that the straps do not fall on my shoulders at all. The only thing with a sports bra is that the size does not coincide with my size. I have to order a larger size. I will check out the anita sports bras. THANK you for this information! Especially how the wrong fitting bra can cause disease! Voted up, useful and interesting. Blessings Sparklea :)