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Many Different Ankle Bracelets Can Accentuate Your Legs

Updated on March 21, 2011

There are many different ankle bracelets; a type of ornamental jewelry that are fashioned to be worn on either ankle. They are set apart from regular bracelets that are fashioned to be worn on the wrists. Ankle bracelets can be made out of a wide range of materials including textiles, leather, metal wood, plastic and beads, and have primarily been worn by women throughout the ages. Similar to other types of jewelry, ankle bracelets are designed to call attention to and emphasize the beauty of the area in which it is worn; the feet, ankles and legs.

Ankle bracelets are sometimes associated with a jingling sound, created by the use of fine bells or chain. Some cultures believe that wearing a jingling ankle bracelet has sexual connotations, as it focuses attention on the one wearing it. In some parts of Asia and the Middle East, ankle bracelets have adorned women's ankles for hundreds of years, and many stunning examples have been discovered at ancient gravesites.

Ankle Bracelets Have Been Around For Ages

In India, ankle bracelets are traditionally worn by single women, while in some Muslim countries, women wear ankle bracelets at home, or have silent ankle bracelets to wear underneath their clothing while in public. Belly dancers frequently include ankle bracelets in their dance attire, as do some female dancers, due to their arousing acoustic properties.

Ankle Bracelets Are A Great Summer Accessory!

In Europe and the United States, ankle bracelets are frequently worn with sandals, and often appear as an accessory of summer clothing. These ankle bracelets are usually formed of single, thin chains which are meant to accentuate slim, tanned ankles. In the West, ankle bracelets are sometimes adorned with accents like charms, enamel or jewels. As well, there is usually an extra bit of chain at the clasp that hangs down the back of the ankle.

Ankle Bracelets Come In Many Styles

The materials that are used to make ankle bracelets will vary. The most common of which is metal, as it can easily be formed into slim chains or pounded flat for firm ankle bracelet bands. Ankle bracelets have also been made from knotted silk, hemp, or cotton, strips of dyed leather or carved wood. Less expensive ankle bracelets made of plastic are readily available all over the world. Many Middle Eastern countries also have delicate glass ankle bracelets that can be found in public markets. In addition, ankle bracelets can be crafted from crystal, glass, clay or beads of stone.

An ankle bracelet can be ornamented with bells, jewels, or charms, or can be worn plain, depending on the preference of the one wearing it. Having too many charms on an ankle bracelet can make it unattractive and uncomfortable to wear, but just a few delicate ornaments can include flowers, beads or hearts. An ankle bracelet can be placed on either ankle; however, some cultures attach a specific meaning to an ankle bracelet being worn on a certain foot. And if you prefer, you can wear one on each ankle.

You Can Make Your Own Ankle Bracelets At Home!

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