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Ankle Tattoo Design Ideas for Women

Updated on September 1, 2011

Ankle tattoo designs are popular among women of all ages and stages of life as well as those in all types of professions. Tattoo's on the ankle can just as easily be hidden as they can be showed off with the right outfit, so they can be just as appealing to an attorney as they would be a biker. Here are some popular ankle tattoo ideas that have been used for years by girls wanting ink.

Cosmic Ink- Star Tattoo's and More

Stars, star dust, moons, suns and more have long been easy yet popular ankle tattoo ideas for women. These simple little drawings can be both simple and bold, depending on preference and design.

Heart Tattoo's

Hearts are universal enough that they are still widely seen as a popular ankle tattoo design for women. Hearts can be solid or hollow stand-alone designs or decorated with small details such as star dust and banners or even be incorporated with more elaborate artwork.

Flower Tattoo's

Flowers of all types in all forms of bloom are seen decorating ankles nationwide. In recent yearsthere has been a surge of tattoo's featuring the Lotus flower, but other flowers such as roses, daisies, lilies, carnations and more are also still popular.

Ankle Band Tattoo's for Women

Bands are not just popular for upper leg and arm tattoo designs. There are an assortment of designs that work beautifully around the ankle for a sharp or suttle and dainty result. Tribal bands, thorny vines, flowery vines and more are just some of the wrap around tattoo designs that can be achieved.

Cartoon and Anime Character Tattoo's

Tinkerbell, Thumper, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Simba, Bart Simpson, Spider-man, Scooby-doo, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Betty Boop, the Grinch and so many others are cartoon and anime character tattoo design ideas that can be used. These can be especially great ankle tattoo's for adults who are still young at heart.

Insect Tattoo's

Spiders, spider webs, butterflies, ladybugs and dragon flies are possibly the most sought after insect related tattoo's today amongst men and women (some obviously favoring some over others). Though to some insects are nothing more than creepy little critters to others they are a thing of wonder and beauty. Like other designs these can be beautifully inked in full vibrant colors, mere outlines or part of a grander more elaborate works of body art.


Animal Tattoo's -Reptiles, Mammals and More

Birds are an especially popular design for ankle tattoo's when animals are the theme one is looking for. Humming birds and doves, perhaps, being the two most popular birds of choice. Dolphins, Lizards and snakes are other popular animals to consider when looking for the perfect ankle tattoo.

Just about any animal can look good in a shrunk down tattoo, so choose the one that best fits your personality and style. Remember any body modification - even tattoo's - should be an extension of you or something that speaks to you.

Religious Tattoo's for Women

Two of the most popular religious themed tattoo designs for women (and men) has to be cross and angel tattoos. Even though these tattoo's are biblical in nature and are often seen in forms or rosery necklaces, crucifixes or angelic guardians they are not always done in religious promotion. These tattoo styles can be works of dark art or have meanings that have nothing to do with their biblical origin.

Keep in mind that just because it is an ankle tattoo doesn't mean it has to be small. A lot of so-called ankle tattoo's can actually trail up parts of the calf and down across the top and or sides of the foot.


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    • bonnebartron profile image

      bonnebartron 6 years ago from never one place for too long

      Pretty tats! I have never been able to really decide on the design.