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"Anna Karenina" Makeup Tutorial

Updated on June 21, 2014

"Anna Karenina" Movie Poster


"Anna Karenina" Makeup Tutotial

Step One


Be sure to have a fully cleansed face before applying makeup. This will give you the cleanest and best canvas to start this look from. (or any makeup look for that matter) I wouldn't recommend using that much facial moisturizer after cleansing as it will make this look look runny. So stick to using just a small amount. If you use eye cream on a daily basis only use a small amount before applying this makeup look so your eye shadow and eyeliner won't run or look sloppy.

Start off with a creamy or liquid foundation.

I suggest using Mark Cream to Powder Foundation. This foundation also works to prime your lids. It's very good for dry skin types and is very smooth and even after being applied.

Apply all over face with makeup sponge.

Step Two

Face Continued

Use some powder over the cream foundation. I recommend Mark powder foundation. You can skip this step if your skin is fairly drier, but if you have oily skin you will want the powder to keep your skin more matte looking.

Then apply just a light dusting of blush to upper cheekbones as a highlight. I recommend Mark Super Color Box Peach pink blush. Don't use that much blush though. Anna Karenina had a very pallid complexion in the movie. Just use the blush to define your cheekbones just a smidge.

Last of all use a mid brown pencil to contour your cheekbones and nose and anywhere else you'd like more definition. Do this by drawing light lines in those areas to outline them then smudge the lines to blend in with your skin. You can use a firm brush or your fingers to do this. Mark foxy brown pencil liner ought to do the trick. It's a soft enough pencil to blend easily in with your complexion and looks very natural.

Step Three


Use very very neutral eye shadows. Apply light shade under eyebrow to highlight. Apply a slightly darker shade to contour of eye to define. I recommend using a firm eye shadow brush and Mark eye shadows: iceberg and barista. These shadows are great for everyday looks and for nice glamorous type looks such as this one. You can realistically use this look as an everyday look if you want as it's very neutral and is just sticking to being natural looking and simple.

Step Four

Eyes Continued

Use a mid brown color eyeliner pencil lightly around your eyes. Use a brush to smudge these lines. You don't want any solid lines. You want it to look like your eyes are just slightly enhanced but not overdone. Mark foxy brown eyeliner will work great for this.

Apply mascara either in brown or black depending on what you want. Don't over apply the mascara and avoid clumping. Avon Drama mascara has nice full volume that will do wonders for your lashes for this look. It won't look fake but fairly natural looking.

Step Five


Choose something very neutral and close to your natural lip color. Use a neutral mineral gloss with a very light bland peach-brownish tone to it. Avon Smooth Minerals lip gloss provides a very nice neutral lip color. I like using the Smooth Minerals lip gloss to add some moisture to my lips as well. It's a very smooth and soothing lip gloss if you have chapped lips a lot.

"Anna Karenina" Finished Look


"Anna Karenina" Finished Look


Cole Art "Anna Karenina" Makeup Tutorial



Makeup by

Cole Makeup Artistry

You can follow Cole Makeup Artistry on Twitter, Facebook, and on Youtube (listed as Cole Art on Youtube)

Makeup Artist



Mark and Avon

Anna Karenina is a character written by Leo Tolstoy. The version of her being portrayed here is from the 2012 film from Universal and Focus Features

Funny Fact About This Makeup Tutorial

A couple hours or so after filming the video tutorial I started to go into labor with my baby and had to go to the hospital at 2 in the morning.

Who is your favorite actress that has played "Anna Karenina"?

Who is your favorite actress that has played "Anna Karenina"?

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"Anna Karenina" Movie


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