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Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Updated on July 29, 2013

Most Common Scalp Problem

The most common is the one we are here to discuss today. I will present to you the problem which plagues both nationalists and immigrants alike. This problem does not discriminate based on religion, race, or even politic preference. Whether you have a family member who is a Democrat, Republican, or chooses not to participate in heavy political debates, the chances of them being affected by dandruff are much higher than cancer or obesity.

Sage is a Plant that makes for a Terrific Treatment if its oils can be Extracted Properly


Dandruff, known to health care professionals and dermatologists as dermatitis, is a problem that affects the scalp of the victim

Anytime the victim goes out into public, they are often showered with gasps and pointing fingers every time they scratch their heads. These victims dare not trudge into public wearing dark clothes, as this highlights their condition and makes them look worse than a bearded clown lady. White speckles, which closely resemble snowflakes during a harsh winter storm, rain down from the victims head as the itchiness (one of the symptoms) forces him or her to furiously scratch and dig deep into the pores of their scalps.

For every problem, there is a solution. Although this isn’t one of the theories of relativity or documented in books filled with quotes allegedly bookmarked by our nation’s finest, it is a bold statement which must be stamp pressed into the skulls of every American man, woman and child. Dandruff is a problem which is not addressed enough in our public education system, and often exaggerated by high school bullies and executive bosses who judge the innocent people they interview. Many people who were interviewed by business executives and obese men wearing robes of authority report experiencing a tragic rejection, which they believe has been a direct result of their dermatitis.

Dandruff when it is Worst!

Itchy scalp, flaking scalp, fungus and unattractive odors are only some of the many symptoms this viral virus uses to annihilate our self-esteem and assassinate

Dermatologists have gone as far as to say that most people who book appointments give their secretaries an unneeded pep talk regarding their unfortunate conditions.

The solution to this very dramatic problem can be found within tea tree oil shampoos, available on Amazon (reviewed by the top reviewers on Amazon) or in your local Giant Eagle supermarket (preferably one that is open 24/7) store. Rosemary, lavender, keratin, and jojoba oils also effectively combat this plaguing condition. If you are suffering from a severe, moderate or even mild case of dandruff, you don’t have to soak in your own self-pity and odorous filth any longer. Brush your hair, throw out the brush, and get off of your lazy chair and onto the comfortable computer seat where you can order the solution with a few clicks and a padded checking account. This phenomenon of the 21st century should not be wasted on our youth choosing to sloth in front of the television instead of taking action.


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