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Anti Tragus Piercing - The Lesser Known Tragi Piercing

Updated on April 14, 2012

Anti tragus piercings are now catching up with their big brother, the tragus piercing, and are becoming more popular each day. Despite the nose and eyebrows receiving increasing attention, the ears still remain the most popular part of the body for piercings, with the tragus being one of the most popular areas of it.

The tragus itself is a piece of tough cartilage which sticks out from the ear. If you put your finger on the outer corner of the eye and then trace it towards the back of your head, the first part of the ear that you will come into contact with is the tragus. This is the part that a tragus piercing will go through. If you then trace your fingers downwards, the cartilage that you come to first is where an anti tragus piercing will be placed.

Anti Tragus Piercing Pain

Of course, many people are concerned about pain that may be caused by an anti tragus piercing and because of that, many horror stories abound about the side effects, the vast majority of which simply are not true. One of the few negatives in this modern age is that the tragus has become useful for holding headphones in your ears, but there are thousands of types of headphones so it should be easy to find one that works ok after you have had your piercing.

A captive bead ring is the most popular form of jewelry simply because they heal better. You can always change to a barbell or similar once the healing process has occurred. As there are few nerves in the tragus area, you should not feel a great deal of pain, although pushing a needle through any part of the body is certain to cause at least a little pain but you should find the level easy to tolerate. You may well hear a popping noise as the cartilage is pierced. This is accentuated because of the tragus' proximity to the ear canal. The whole process, including the needle and the fitting of the ring should take between five and ten minutes, so even if you are scared of having a piercing done, if you grin and bear it, it won't last long at all.

The anti tragus piercing
The anti tragus piercing

Tragus Piercing Healing Time

The healing time for an anti tragus piercing can be quite lengthy and take up to a year. You can however, help this process by avoiding things that may increase the risk of infection. For example, when using your mobile phone, learn to put it to the other ear (this is one good reason to have your tragi pierced separately. Also, try to avoid catching it on your clothing and NEVER touch it with dirty fingers. If your anti tragus piercing does become sore, it may be that it has become a little infected. If you catch this early enough, you should be able to remedy this by using a warm saline solution and clean it with cotton buds. Do not use alcohol on the piercing though as this will prove painful and can cause further problems. Of course, if the infection becomes severe, you should have it checked by your GP.

As always when having your eras pierced, make sure to use a qualified and reputable piercer. Never be tempted to cut corners to save a little cash. There is a good chance that you will regret it if you do. Finally, be patient and allow the piercing area to heal fully. Once you have done so, you will be able to enjoy your anti tragus piercing for a very long time.


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