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Finding the Right Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Updated on September 16, 2009

If you're in the market for an anti-wrinkle cream and trying to figure out what to get, you're not alone. Many people are on the same quest. With the aging of the baby boomers, the focus on movie star looks, and the general vanity and desire to hold onto youth today it's no wonder that finding a truly effective anti-wrinkle cream would be a dream come true for many. Of course it would be a dream come true for those of us who are aging and showing the signs of the with more and more wrinkles (crows feet, smile lines, character... whatever you want to call it). And don't think for a minute that manufacturers and marketers aren't doing their very best to not only create the ideal anti-wrinkle cream and bring it to market. In the meantime, whether they do create the perfect anti-aging creams or not you can be sure that they will not wait to come to market with something.

The entire market for anti aging product ideas, methods and techniques is huge.we're talking about a market that is over $30 billion a year annually. This number is up from about $20 billion just a handful of years ago in 2004. The largest segment of this market is the skincare market. The main focus is on wrinkle reduction primarily, followed by the reduction of age spots. This segment of the market which includes anti-aging creams, anti-wrinkle creams etc. makes up about $3.18 billion a year. The next closest segment is in regards to hair loss. This segment of the market totals about $675 million per year. Still a lot of money, but a long ways off in second place compared to the anti aging treatments designed specifically for the skin.

flickr image  by tuolumne_couple
flickr image by tuolumne_couple

I don't think this segment of the market is going to beginning any smaller anytime soon. When you consider the huge population of total known as the baby boomers who are now moving well into their 50s and beyond, you know that this market will exist for a long time. As such, scientists and manufacturers and marketers will be working as hard as possible to create the ideal anti-wrinkle cream and other anti aging treatments for this very, very hungry market.

So what we're talking about anti aging product and anti-wrinkle cream in particular, what is the primary concept mind this? More often than not, what you'll hear about is collagen, collagen, and the way this or that anti aging product is able to reintroduce collagen into the skin topically. If you're wondering what collagen is, it is a very brief, basic explanation. Collagen is elastic type of compound is naturally found within the skin. As we get older, or collagen breaks down, becomes brittle, and just generally less elastic and less effective. It's like the old elastic band and a pair of old shorts... over time it just doesn't hold up nearly as well as it used to. If there was a way to reintroduce elasticity into that waistband, we could make it springy and as good as new, right. Well, that's the same idea of what anti-wrinkle creams are attempting to do.

The big question is, can collagen be effectively reintroduced through a topical application such as an anti-wrinkle cream? There is no doubt that people do have some success with collagen injections, but this is a much more serious, and complicated approach. It simply rubbing some anti aging treatments in the form of some kind of cream onto our face can do the same thing, everything would be a whole lot easier and everyone would be a whole lot happier. Various anti-wrinkle creams will also advertise that they contain essential vitamins and minerals. Once again, whether anti aging vitamins can have any effect by being applied to the skin is somewhat questionable.

So you might be asking yourself whether there is any such thing as true, functioning anti aging products. Well, it probably depends on who you ask. There are many, many people who swear up and down that they've had tremendous results with various anti aging products. My recommendation to you is to talk to someone you know and trust very well who is use some of these products and asked for their opinion and their results. Don't base it on a “testimonial” that you hear on television or read in a movie or on the Internet. You want to talk to someone that you know personally. If this isn't possible, the next best solution would probably be to speak with a dermatologist or else an esthitican. As far as finding a good dermatologist or esthitican goes, once again I would recommend searching for a recommendation from someone you know and trust.

flickr image Syme Sees
flickr image Syme Sees

While finding the perfect anti-wrinkle cream would be the holy Grail and fountain of youth all rolled into one, it's probably safe to say that there isn't any one such product. There are many good products out there and finding the one that works best for you will probably come down to a question of trial and error. Following the lead of someone you know who's had good success or who has exceptionally good skin might be a good place to start to push you in the right direction. No matter what direction you go in your search for anti aging products, I wish you the best of luck. And if you do find that magical holy Grail/fountain of youth anti-wrinkle cream... please, let me know.


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